Could future cars run on panda poo?

Giant pandas could one day fuel cars and advance the development of bio-fuels - owing to microbes found in their faeces.

Now, see live broadcast on giant pandas

Starting this August, internet users around the world will be able to watch live round-the-clock broadcast of giant pandas living in a breeding centre in southwest China`s Sichuan province.

China to loan a pair of giant pandas to Malaysia

In a goodwill gesture, China will loan a pair of giant pandas to Malaysia for a period of 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Panda still endangered despite baby boom

China`s giant pandas remain still an endangered species despite the birth of 23 cubs in zoos across the country in the past two months, panda researchers have said.

Quake a disaster for giant pandas: Study

The situation of China`s giant pandas has reached crisis point after the massive earthquake
in the south-west province of Sichuan in May last year, a
study has suggested.