Now, a robot to help you fold your clothes!
Now, a robot to help you fold your clothes!

It's a great piece of news for those who have always wished for a machine to fold their clothes, as Scientists have created a robot, which can help you do just the same!

Missing Indian-origin student believed dead in Scotland

A body found in a coastal town of Scotland is believed to be that of a 21-year-old Indian-origin medical student who had been missing for over six weeks.

Edward Snowden bids to become rector of British university

Edward Snowden is standing as a candidate for rector of Glasgow University in Scotland after students nominated him for exposing US intelligence secrets, the university said on Wednesday.

Wearing tight belts may cause throat cancer

Wearing a belt which is too tight can increase the risk of developing throat cancer, especially in overweight people, a new study has warned.

Grapefruit may be heart`s best friend

A new research has revealed that grapefruit, which contains health-promoting biomolecules, could help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Jogging in forest twice as good as gym workout for mental health

A jog through a forest can cut the risk of suffering from mental health problems and is twice as good as compared to a trip to the gym, a study has found.

Chemicals in environment `may be harmful to male fertility`

Chemicals routinely found in the environment could be damaging fertility in some men, new evidence that has emerged has suggested.