'Smart' helmet can turn any room into virtual battlefield

Do you want to experience the real battlefield without being harmed? Well, a new Google Glass-style pair of glasses can create a virtual battlefield for you anywhere.

Microsoft patents glasses that read emotions

US technology giant Microsoft has been awarded a patent for smart glasses that allow wearers to detect and interpret emotions of people within their field of vision.

No one thought I was attractive: Julianne Moore
No one thought I was attractive: Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore wasn't "perceived as pretty" until she swapped her glasses for contact lenses.

Eye implants may spell end of reading glasses

Glasses may soon be a thing of the past as corneal inlays, implanted into the eye with a simple surgery, can correct vision without the need for corrective treatments, scientists say.

Technology may soon end eyeglasses era

Tired of wearing eyeglasses? Scientists have developed a technique that could see reading glasses gone forever.

Soon, glasses made from metals

The glasses you use could soon be as strong as metals as engineers from University of Pittsburgh have just done what materials scientists have long sought to do: turning pure monoatomic metals into glass.

Soon `smart glasses` that could help the blind to see

Researchers have developed new `Star Trek-style` smart glasses that could transform the lives of blind and partially-sighted people.

New vision-correcting display to replace glasses

You may soon be able to ditch your glasses and contact lenses, thanks to a new display technology that automatically addresses vision problems.

Google ads on car dashboards, watches soon

Google may soon be seen on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses and watches -- in the form of an ad!

Coming soon, smart contact lenses to give you superhuman vision!

A latest eyewear system made with a combination of glasses and contact lenses could reportedly allow the wearer to have superhuman vision by focusing on finer details of objects that are otherwise not visible to natural eye .

New glasses let doctors see patients` veins through skin

A pair of new smart glasses that allow doctors to see patients` veins right through their skin will make it easier for them to give an injection.

New ‘Screen X’ technology offers 3D effect without special glasses

A new format that gives movie-goers a panoramic 270 degree view will be rolled out by South Korea`s biggest cinema chain this month, using the walls of theatres as additional screens.

Eva Mendes wore fake glasses as a teen to look smart

Eva Mendes says she was so desperate to wear glasses as a child, she stared at the sun in an effort to damage her eyesight.

Mahatma Gandhi`s glasses missing from Wardha ashram

Mahatma Gandhi`s spectacles have been missing from the Sevagram Ashram in Wardha since November, officials revealed Monday.

Specs that let you stream video on Facebook

ZionEyez has introduced a pair of glasses that can record what the user sees through his eyes and then upload it via a Bluetooth connection on FB in real-time.

T-Mobile to sell tablet with 3-D cameras, glasses

T-Mobile USA will sell a tablet computer that can shoot 3-D videos.

New glasses uses tongue to help blind see

Blind people can soon have their sight restored, thanks to a device that uses tongue to help them see.

New glasses uses tongue to help blind see

Blind people can soon have their sight restored, thanks to a device that uses tongue to help them see.