MP transport vehicles to have 'safety button' for women: CM

In a bid to provide instant help to women commuters in distress, a Global Positioning System (GPS) will be installed in state public transport vehicles along with a 'safety button' linked to police control room, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said.

NW Railway gears up for fog season

Preparing itself for the fog season this winter, the North Western Railways has put in place a host of measures like installing anti-fog devices in trains, LED-based signboards, and global positioning system-based signals to ensure safe and secure train operations.

GPS to be installed in apple-carrying vehicles: HP govt

The Himachal Pradesh government will install Global Positioning System in all apple-carrying vehicles to monitor their movements and check theft cases, a minister said.

GPS to be used to track trucks carrying PDS foodgrains

Delhi government will track the trucks carrying foodgrains with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices to curb the menace of diversion of rations meant for lakhs of families which are below the poverty line.

New system tells how far your email has travelled

A new system that uses GPS technology to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox has been developed.

Volcanoes shift before they erupt

As they prepare to erupt, volcanoes shift their base, says an interesting study that paves the way for volcanologists to forecast future eruptions.

Dark matter surrounding Earth a possibility

This could very well end the suspense over the hypothetical presence of a halo, or ring, surrounding our Earth.

China`s sat-nav system to have civilian uses

China`s Beidou satellite-navigation system, which has proven its use in defence and national safety plans, may be used for civilian purposes like typhoon monitoring, traffic management and agriculture.

China`s BeiDou navigation system to get full global coverage by 2020

In a stiff challenge to America`s Global Positioning System, China on Sunday said that its home-grown navigation system `BeiDou` will be achieving full-scale global coverage by around 2020.

South Korea develops mid-range GPS-guided bombs

South Korea has developed bombs equipped with a global positioning system capable of targeting distant enemies day and night, the state arms development agency said on Monday.

Gurgaon: GPS devices installed in trash vans

Trash vans deputed by Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon have been installed with GPS devices to ensure that the task of garbage disposal is carried out properly.

Now smartphones will help you navigate mega malls

Your smartphone helps you smoothly navigate highways and streets of an unfamiliar city. But once you enter a mega mall, its global positioning system (GPS) goes blind.

UK scientists to help satellites dodge sun storms

British scientists have developed a system to help protect navigation and communications satellites from potentially devastating solar storms, they said on Friday.

Tagged birds return to Pong wetlands from China

Migratory birds in the Kangra Valley`s Pong wetland, which were tagged with (GPS) transmitters last year, have returned to their wintering grounds.

Beijing to test new GPS system

Next year, 12,000 drivers in the Wangjing area of Beijing will have their cars fitted with a free GPS device.

Army screening GPS records

Army is screening the records of
the global positioning system (GPS) device on board the
chopper to find how it strayed into Pakistan-controlled

Effects of solar flares arriving on Earth

The impact of a series of eruptions on the sun began arriving at Earth on Friday and could affect some communications for a day or so.

Now geotag SMS to help friends locate you

Researchers have developed a method for embedding GPS coordinates in an SMS message.