GoAir bomb scare: One arrested for hoax call

One person has been arrested in connection with a hoax bomb call because of which a Mumbai-Delhi GoAir flight was stranded at the Mumbai airport for hours on Saturday.

Bomb scare on GoAir flight 343 in Mumbai

The Delhi-bound GoAir flight 343 has been shifted to the isolation bay at the Mumbai airport after a threatening message was received.

Army officer travels in cockpit of GoAir flight

In a shocking case of flouting rules, an Army officer traveled in the cockpit of an passenger aircraft, apparently on invitation by the crew.

Protests over unscheduled landing of GoAir flight in Patna

A New Delhi-bound GoAir flight from Lucknow made an unscheduled landing at the Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport here Friday morning triggering protests by passengers, airport authorities said.

Close shave for GoAir flight in Indore

A New Delhi-bound GoAir flight with 140 passengers onboard had a close shave here on Saturday after a bird hit soon after take off, an official said.

Bangalore-bound flight help up after hoax call

A Bangalore-bound GoAir flight
with 164 people on board was on Sunday delayed at the airport here
after a passenger, who was late, allegedly made a hoax call
about a bomb being planted on the aircraft.