India turns to Google app to aid J&K rescue effort

In a bid to boost the search and rescue operations in flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is deploying a Google application that had been successfully used during last year's Uttarakhand floods.

J&K floods: Govt deploys successful Google app to find people

Seeking to boost search and surveillance capabilities of rescue teams in flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir, a successful Uttarakhand 'Google' application is being pressed into service by the government.

Now control `Google Now` with personalized voice commands

With a new app called Commandr, users can have their personalize d voice commands on Google Now.

Google unveils `URL Shortener` app for free

In yet another service, Google has reportedly unveiled an Android app for shortening URLs -

Flappy Bird lovers threaten to kill developer after game taken off app stores

Die-hard fans of mobile game, Flappy Birds, have reportedly threatened to kill its developer after he took down the game from Apple and Google app stores.

Google app shows colliding protons in real time

A free new app on Google Android phones and tablets helps users view colliding protons in real time and 3D within the particle accelerator used by scientists carrying out work under the mountains on the French-Swiss border.