Google to pay USD 19 million for child app purchases
Google to pay USD 19 million for child app purchases

Google has agreed to issue at least USD 19 million in refunds to consumers whose children made app purchases from its Google Play store without parental consent, officials said today.

Facebook the leader but Google apps hot favourites

Social networking website Facebook is the most used app, but Google apps dominate the top 10 slots when it comes to selecting from over two million apps available in the Apple and Google stores.

Google Drive, Docs go offline for more than 5 hours

Google`s cloud storage service Drive reportedly experienced a glitch that sent the service unavailable for more than five hours.

New tool detects `email personality` based on emotional temperature

A new tool has been reportedly developed that can detect one`s `email personality` based on the eight basic human emotions.

10 top Google apps found to extract personal user details revealed

Ten Google Android mobile phone applications, including the Angry Birds game, have been found to extract personal information of users like their location, contacts and device identifying details.

Google to charge small businesses for Gmail, Google Apps

Google said that by charging 50 dollars per user per year, 33 pounds in Britain, it would be able to provide better support to businesses.