Google Earth captures `UFO` with alien in US

A UFO was reportedly captured on Google Earth with an `alien` poking its head out to have a look around.

Now, sift through world temperature records via Google Earth

Climate researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England, have made the world`s temperature records - dating back to 1850 - available via Google Earth.

Google reveals `most photographed cities` on Earth

Google has reportedly released its list of the most photographed locations on Earth using data from geolocated images uploaded by individual users.

Enter ancient cities, via Google Earth

Digitally mapping and visualising the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa right on your tab or mobile is now a step closer - via Google Earth.

Google Earth maps forest change across the globe

A high-resolution global map of forest extent, loss and gain has been developed the help of Google Earth by a group of scientists.

Google Earth accidentally captures live murder in Richmond

Google Earth reportedly ended up capturing a real life crime scene with images of a dead body lying near Sandford Avenue in Richmond.

Has Google Earth helped spot `Bigfoot`?

A YouTube video that features shots taken from the Google Earth shows a mysterious dark shape roaming woodland beside the Trans-Canada highway in British Columbia, Canada.

Google Earth captures `Jesus and Mary` in Switzerland

Google Earth has reportedly captured a bizarre image which appears like Jesus accompanied by Mother Mary over a busy road in Switzerland.

Google Earth helps reunite Indian man with his family after 25 years

An Indian man who was separated from his family 25 years back has reportedly located them using his memory and Google Earth.

Phantom island shown on Google Earth `does not exist`

Scientists have discovered an island that does not exist – even though it appears on Google and global maps.

Google maps ancient Arctic village

Google is surfing new places in the remote northern outposts of the Canada`s Arctic region with its mapping device, the search engine said in a statement Thursday.

J&K Govt to use Google Earth to check illegal constructions

Jammu and Kashmir Government will use Google Earth to keep a tab on illegal constructions in twin capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar.

Google Earth helps locate `lost` Egyptian Pyramid

Google Earth satellite imagery survey may have revealed two possible pyramid complexes in Egypt.

Google Street View comes to Israel

Google has launched its popular Street View service in the Israeli`s three largest cities.

Google Earth reunites Oz-Indian separated from family for 25 years

Saroo Brierley, dubbed as ‘slumdog millionaire’, was adopted by an Australian couple and taken to Tasmania where he became a successful businessman.

Google Earth helps keep tabs on exploitative fish

Google Earth can be a powerful tool to keep tabs on a growing industry like ocean fish farming, given its tendency to exploit scarce resources and climate change, a study reveals.

Atlantis ‘found’ in Google Oceans lost again

City of Atlantis when they spotted a grid-like pattern on Google Ocean – an extension of Google Earth, lost again.

Google Earth updates data on ocean terrains

Google Earth has upgraded its ocean data to offer the most precise digital view of the seafloor to date.

Scientists map Nepal typhoid using Google Earth

Scientists in Nepal have tried out a combo of cutting edge gene sequencing technology and GPS to map typhoid`s spread and trace its source.

Google Earth helped track illegal mining in Goa

Google Earth satellite imagery helped the Goa assembly`s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) zero in on specific illegalities in the Rs.3,500 crore mining scam in the state, its report states.