Man with Google Glass had 'Internet addiction disorder'

A 31-year-old American was treated for addiction after wearing Google Glass for up to 18 hours a day and even experienced dreams as if looking through the device, doctors said.

Now, Google Glass app that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users
Now, Google Glass app that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users

Researchers have recently developed an app that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users, it has been reported.

Texting with Google Glass distracts drivers
Texting with Google Glass distracts drivers

Texting while driving with Google Glass is a clear distraction on the road, says a study.

Sony's SmartEyeglass to be available for purchase by March

While it released the software development kit for its SmartEyeglass on Friday, Sony has reportedly promised to make its gear available for purchase by the end of March.

Google Glass app that reads emotions, also reveals age

What if an app can reveal what the person you are in a conversation with is thinking? This Google Glass - a soon to be launched smart eye-wear - app not only does that for you but can also tell the person's age!

Eye-wearable device can spot diabetes-related condition

Inspired by Google Glass, researchers have now developed a wearable eye-monitoring device that could lead to early detection of a common diabetes-related neurological condition.

Control Google Glass with your thoughts

Focus hard and you will be able to control Google Glass with your thoughts alone. Yes, your power of thoughts can give the computer eyewear commands to do certain things, like taking a picture and even posting it to Facebook.

Now, Google Glass-equipped rifles to help hit targets behind corners

A Texas company, TrackingPoint Inc., has developed a firearm equipped with Google Glass technology that could help one hit target behind corners.

Soon, Google Glass to assist surgeons

The high-tech eye-wear device `Google Glass` can be a useful tool in surgical settings, particularly in relation to training, a new study has found.

Google Glass celebrates Mother`s Day!

As the world prepares to celebrate Mother`s Day Sunday, a new promotional Google Glass short film features the love between a mother and her son.

White Google Glass `Cotton` star of single day sale

Google, which made its wearable eye device Google Glass available online in the United States Tuesday for just one day, sold out the white, or `Cotton` color model, becoming the star seller.

Human body heat to power Google Glass!

As the attention turns towards wearable devices like Google Glass and smart watches, how to ensure power supply in a stable and reliable manner is one of the most critical issues facing the developers.

After diabetes, Google Glass sets eyes on Parkinson`s

After unveiling a smart contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears in January, Google is now working on to support people with Parkinson`s disease - via Google Glass, it much-anticipated wearable device to be launched later this year.

Google fails to trademark word `Glass`

Google was trying to get hold of the word `glass`, when written in Google`s stylized marketing logo font, to restrain other companies to copy their computer-enabled eyeglass.

Forget Google Glass, first wearable device was a Chinese ring!

As the world gears up for the wearable computer devices, back in the 17th century, one Chinese designer did create a functioning abacus `smart ring’ that worked as a counting tool to help traders.

Soon, withdraw cash using Google Glass

Safe money withdrawal from Automated Teller Machines (ATM) is possible via Google Glass - a wearable computer device, according to an IT expert.

Google lobbying to prevent Glass being labeled `driving distraction`

Google is reportedly fighting for its wearable computing device Glass from being labeled legally as a driving distraction.

New Google Glass app scans stranger`s face with just a glance

A new app for Google`s wearable computing device, Glass, reportedly scans and identifies strangers using facial recognition technology.

California woman found `not guilty` of watching TV on Google Glass while driving

A Google Glass wearer in the US has been reportedly found `not guilty` for watching television while driving after an officer ticketed her for using a visible `monitor`.

Google glass case: California woman wearing device found `not guilty` by court

A Californian woman, who was issued a ticket for driving while wearing Google glasses, has been let off by a San Diego traffic court after she was found “not guilty.”