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Indiana-based optical company rolls out Google Glass prescription eyeglasses

An Indiana-based optical company has reportedly rolled out prescription eyeglasses for Google's hi-tech wearable computing device Glass.

Sergey Brin spotted testing new Google glasses in New York subway

Billionaire co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, was spotted travelling on a downtown train in New York late on Sunday night wearing the company’s yet to be released Google Glasses, which is worth 1,500 dollars a pair.

'Google Glasses great for point-of-view porn'

A pornography studio wants to make adult films using Google Glasses that can film your life from the point of view of your eyes.

Google creates a spectacle with project

If you think texting while walking is dangerous, just wait until everyone starts wearing Google's futuristic, Internet-connected glasses.

Google tests ‘internet glasses’ that provide real-time info

Google has announced test of its "Project Glass", a pair of augmented reality glasses that provides users real-time information right in front of their eyes.