Google anti-trust foes see friend in new EU competition chief

After waiting more than four years for Brussels to resolve his anti-trust complaint against Google while traffic to his website plunged by 80 percent, Michael Weber of German online mapping service held out little hope of success. Until now.

Consumers withdraw US lawsuit against Google over Android app limits

Plaintiffs in an antitrust lawsuit against Google Inc on Friday withdrew their case accusing the search engine company of harming smartphone buyers by forcing handset makers using Android operating system to make Google`s own applications the default option.

Google fails to dismiss privacy lawsuit over Google Wallet

A federal judge has rejected Google Inc`s request to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the technology company of invading the privacy of users of its Google Wallet electronic payment service by sharing their personal information with outside app developers.

Google wins lawsuit that claimed it coerced manufacturers to offer its apps
Google wins lawsuit that claimed it coerced manufacturers to offer its apps

Google has reportedly won a lawsuit that claimed it abused its market power by forcing device makers that used its Android platform to provide the search engine company's applications.

US judge dismisses lawsuit over Google's browser tracking

The move comes after the judge found that the web giant's browser cookie tracking practices had not caused them any harm.

Google sues British telecoms group over patent infringement

Google claimed that the London-based firm in California violated four of its patents.

US regulators plan to sue Google for abusing ‘dominance in search, ad business’

A majority of the five FTC commissioners would have to approve a suit before legal action could proceed, the Herald Sun reports.