TIFR — Research at TIFR

From working on subatomic particles to combining Algebra and Geometry, students at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research are doing it all. Sanchayan Bhattacharjee reports.

Indian start-up launches shoes that show you the way

"Wizard of Oz" heroine Dorothy only had to click her ruby red slippers together and they would spirit her home to Kansas.

Facebook the leader but Google apps hot favourites

Social networking website Facebook is the most used app, but Google apps dominate the top 10 slots when it comes to selecting from over two million apps available in the Apple and Google stores.

Indian Haj pilgrims to go hi-tech this year

More than 136,000 Indian Haj pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia this year will be benefited by several high-tech apps, including Google Maps, to facilitate hassle-free pilgrimage.

Now, shoes synced with Google maps to vibrate and give directions

Indian tech firm Ducere Technologies has created `Lechas shoes` which would be synced with Google Maps to give directions to the user by vibrating the left or the right shoe.

Google starts mapping Liberty and Ellis Islands

Google, on Wednesday, took the first step to put Liberty and Ellis Islands on Google Maps whereby Tourists and visitors might be able to see them without undertaking a ferry.

Get under her skin via this app!

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have launched a new app designed to let people assume the virtual life of another for 20 days.

Google Maps update adds third party transit service, offline viewing feature

Google maps` update adds tweaks to navigation, offline maps, and the option to grab an Uber cab.

Google now focused on improving aesthetics

Google is reportedly tired of ugly designs and is calling on developers to make new ones.

`Google Naps` help you spot best spot for dozing off

Dutch developers namely Kakhiel and Venour have developed a facility that will help you pick best outdoor sleep spots for you.

Polar bears join natural wonders at Google Maps

Google on Thursday added polar bears to the natural splendor people can glimpse from the comfort of their homes at the Internet giant`s free online mapping service.

Mystery behind Egypt`s strange spiral unraveled

A mysterious spiral has been spotted in Egypt on Google Maps recently.

NSA using mobile apps like Angry Birds, Flickr, Google Maps to pull out user data

The NSA and its UK counterpart, the GCHQ, allegedly used apps like Angry Birds, Google Maps, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc, to pull out user data.

Google reveals `most photographed cities` on Earth

Google has reportedly released its list of the most photographed locations on Earth using data from geolocated images uploaded by individual users.

Google maps find mysterious triangular `UFO` on moon

A series of images captured on Google maps, showing a mysterious triangular wedge-shaped `spaceship` on the moon, has baffled the world.

Hotel chains partner with Google for 360-degree virtual tours

Hotel chains are reportedly partnering with the search giant Google to provide virtual tours for travellers, who would be able to view hotels even before they check-in at the reception.

Google`s location history browser can tell your exact past locations

Google`s location history browser reportedly tells a users their exact location from past along with the specific time through an interesting map.

Google let users create their own Street View experience

Internet giant Google Inc has launched a new Street View feature for users to build their own Street View experiences.

Google makes redesigned Maps embeddable in websites

Google has reportedly made its redesigned Maps embeddable in websites.

Google maps airports, train stations with Street View update

In what is touted to be the `first effort` in transit mapping, Google has reportedly extended service of its Street View project to international airports, which often get confusing for foreign travellers.