Google search will show Badaun-type incidents in other places too: Akhilesh

Under intense criticism over Badaun gang-rape and murder incident, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday said a Google search would show such crimes occurring across the country.

Google to launch 180 satellites for global internet service

When you are busy chatting or surfing the internet, do you know that nearly 4.8 billion people - or two-third of the world`s population - are not yet online? This is going to change soon.

China blocks Google sites ahead of Tiananmen anniversary: Group

Several Google websites have been blocked in China ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, a censorship monitoring service said.

Google makes driverless car without steering wheel, brake-pedal: Report

Google has reportedly made a driverless car, without steering wheel or brake pedals, which is driven entirely by variety of on-board computers and sensors.

Google Doodle celebrates environmentalist author Rachel Louise Carson`s 107th Birthday

Google today celebrates the 107th birthday of Rachel Louise Carson, an American marine biologist and conservationist. Visitors on Google will be welcomed with a beautiful illustration which is celebratory of her life, achievements and contributions to marine biology and ecology.

Tech giants contend for transparency following US govt gag orders

High profile tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have contended for transparency against the US government gag orders that forbid them from revealing the kind of national security information they receive.

Google to produce tablets capable of clicking 3D images: Reports

Google is reportedly planning to produce 4000 prototype tablets which would be capable of clicking 3D images, ahead of Google`s I/O developer conference next month.

Google may show ads on refrigerators, car dashboards

In a move to expand its ever growing revenue, Internet search giant Google is reportedly planning to add advertisements on consumer devices such as refrigerators, glasses, watches, car dashboards and even thermostats.

Google ads on car dashboards, watches soon

Google may soon be seen on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses and watches -- in the form of an ad!

EU aims to complete Google antitrust deal this year

The European Commission said on Tuesday it still aims to wrap up an amicable anti-trust settlement with Google this year despite fresh complaints against the US Internet giant.

Google joins Instagram

Google has opened up an Instagram account.

YouTube to acquire videogame-streaming service Twitch for $1 Billion: Reports

If the rumours are to believed, then Google’s YouTube has reached a deal to acquire the video game streaming platform Twitch for more than $1 billion.

Rubik`s Cube: Google Doodle celebrates 40th birthday of brain teasing puzzle

Get ready to be puzzled today when you visit the homepage of Google. You will be greeted with a giant Rubik`s Cube and will surely be lured into solving this amazing puzzle game . To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this brain-teasing toy , Google is hosting an interactive virtual version on its homepage.

Google already receiving demands to remove content, following EU ruling

Users are already demanding Google to erase links related to them, after the European ruling against the company.

GoogleMaps add UK public transport update links

Updating it`s Maps database, Internet giant Google has launched a mapping feature for all public transportation facilities available in the UK.

Google gets take-down requests after European court ruling: Source

Google Inc is already getting requests to remove objectionable personal information from its search engine after Europe`s top court ruled that subjects have the "right to be forgotten," a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

Tiny scanner that checks your fruit`s nutritional value

What if you can get the nutritional value of an apple or a watermelon by just scanning it with a hand-held device?

Top EU court backs right to ask for `deleting personal data` in Google data case

In a surprise ruling on Tuesday, the EU`s top court said individuals have the right to ask US Internet giant Google to delete personal data produced by its ubiquitous search engine.

Google search manipulation can swing votes in Indian elections

Altering Google search results can pose a real threat to democracy as it has a major impact on the voting preferences of undecided voters and could swing a close election, according to a new landmark study analysing the just concluded Lok Sabha polls in India.

Europe`s top court backs ``right to be forgotten`` in Google case

Europe`s top court sided with privacy rights supporters on Tuesday, saying that world No. 1 search engine Google can be required to remove sensitive information from its Internet search results.