‘2.90 lakh farmers committed suicide during 1995-2011’

A total of 290,740 farmers have committed suicide during 1995-2001 due to various reasons.

Working with govt to remove hate content: FB, Google

Internet companies Google and Facebook said they are working with Indian authorities to remove "inflammatory and hateful content" on their websites.

South Asian Fishermen Fraternity urges govt to detain US ship

South Asian Fishermen fraternity urged govt to detain the the US Naval ship from which shots had been fired killing an Indian fisherman.

Minority sub quota: SC displeased, pulls up Centre

The Supreme Court expressed its displeasure and pulled up the government for its casual handling of "sensitive" issue of sub-quota for minorities.

Exclusive: How govt botched the Ramdev saga!

The Cabinet had cleared an Externment Order which was to be served on Baba Ramdev as soon as he arrived in Delhi on June 3.

Lokpal Bill: Govt seeks consensus; consults CMs, pol parties

The government went into damage control mode by asserting that the panel is treading “the right path” and it will complete its work by June 30.

Govt, Oppn both working for corporates: Govindacharya

Jumping on the corruption bandwagon, Former BJP leader Govindacharya has held both the
govt and Oppn responsible for the
corporatisation of politics in the country.

Govt should not get into Ayodhya dispute: Sibal

The government should not step into
the Ayodhya issue as it was a "private dispute" which should
be left to the parties concerned to resolve, Union HRD
Minister Kapil Sibal has said.