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Science sheepdogs use to herd sheep revealed

Science sheepdogs use to herd sheep revealed

A new study has revealed that sheepdogs have 2 simple rules they follow while rounding up a flock of sheep.

New system tells how far your email has travelled

A new system that uses GPS technology to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox has been developed.

Battery-powered driverless cars to hit UK roads by 2015

Engineers are working on developing new battery-powered driverless cars that can hit speeds of 12mph.

GPS technology can be hacked to hijack ships and aircraft: Study

A new study has revealed that the Global Positing System (GPS) is vulnerable to hackers or terrorists who could use it to hijack ships and commercial airliners.

GPS technology helps improve weather forecasts

The satellite-based global positioning system (GPS) technology that guides modern car navigation systems is now being used to improve weather forecasts, says a researcher at Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

Device installed in trains to alert drivers in fog

A GPS-based technology, which
will alert train drivers about an approaching signal during foggy weather conditions, will be installed in all passenger and freight trains in Delhi division.

GPS technology to be used to curb illegal mining

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh has asked officials to use GPS and other modern technologies to track and stop illegal mining.

Navguard launches GPS app for BlackBerry

NavGuard, a leading location solutions company for GPS technology, has entered the Middle East market with the launch of combined navigation and tracking application, NavTrack, for BlackBerry smartphones, which is now available on BlackBerry App World.

Over 35,000 NY cabbies involved in huge $8.3 m meter scam

The United States authorities have found that nearly 36,000 drivers in New York overcharged a staggering USD 8.3 million on 1.8 million trips through a scam generated by the simple press of a button.