Grandparents' love can make kids fat

 Grandparents are often extremely fond of their grandchildren but a study says that affection from grandparents may lead to childhood obesity.

Australia police will not help IS fighter's kids: Grandmother

The Australian mother-in-law of a notorious Islamic State group fighter said today she was "devastated" that police had refused to help bring her five grandchildren home from Syria.

HC allows transfer of Gayatri Devi`s shares to grand children

The legal battle over transfer of late Maharani Gayatri Devi`s shares in royal family`s firms has been decided in favour of her grandchildren.

Sir Michael Caine ‘did ‘Cars 2’ to show grandkids what he did for a living’

Michael Caine has revealed the reason for taking on the voice of automobile Finn McMissile in `Cars 2`.

Why grandparents share a strong bond with their grandchildren

Grandparents help and support their families, which leads to child surviving.

Queen goes horse riding with grandchildren

Elizabeth had a jolly good time with two of her grandchildren.

Osama bin Laden`s `grandchildren` dead: Report

The surrogate mother was attacked by two men on her way home in Syria.

Grandchildren of Mao, Chiang Kai-shek meet in Taiwan: Report

The grandchildren of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek met in Taiwan in a rare encounter mirroring warming ties between Beijing and Taipei, a report said today.

Gayatri`s grandchildren claim she left properties to them

In a new twist to the tussle over
assets of former Jaipur royal Gayatri Devi, her grandchildren
Dev Raj and Lalitya Devi on Wednesday claimed that she had left "all
her properties and rights" to them.