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Bosnians bury kin found in wartime mass grave

Last Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014, 05:14

Bosnian families today buried the remains of 283 Muslims and one Roman Catholic Croat who were killed at the start of the Bosnian war of 1992-95.

New regime for treatment of Graves` Eye Disease

Last Updated: Sunday, July 13, 2014, 20:31

No surgery or medication is required to treat Graves Eye Disease. Graves` eye disease, also known as Graves` ophthalmopathy, could be present in about half of people who have Graves` disease.

11 bodies found in clandestine Mexico graves

Last Updated: Friday, June 27, 2014, 16:48

The bodies of 11 men were found in eight clandestine graves in a forested area in Michoacan, a state in western Mexico, officials said.

13 bodies found in Mexico clandestine graves

Last Updated: Monday, June 09, 2014, 11:04

Investigators found the bodies of at least 13 people in five clandestine graves outside Zumpango, a community in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, officials said.

Headingley ground sets for major revamp

Last Updated: Friday, June 06, 2014, 23:36

English county Yorkshire have announced a 20-year redevelopment plan for their Headingley stadium in a bid to ensure they continue staging international cricket.

Irish examining possibility of other mass baby graves

Last Updated: Friday, June 06, 2014, 07:58

Irish officials will investigate whether the mass grave for almost 800 babies discovered near a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns is an isolated case, Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said.

Vandals deface Jewish graves in northern Greece

Last Updated: Saturday, May 31, 2014, 02:42

Greek authorities say vandals have attacked the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki, whose Jewish population was nearly wiped out during World War II.

Australian police dig for `multiple` baby graves at rural home

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 14:31

Police in Australia began digging up a rural property on Tuesday searching for what reports said were "multiple babies" in secret graves.

Skeletal remains found in Sri Lanka mass grave

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 16:55

Over 80 human bones, including skeletal remains, have been found so far from a mass grave in northern Sri Lanka, police of this island nation said Tuesday.

13 bodies recovered from Pakistan`s mass grave

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 14:46

At least 13 unidentified decomposed bodies have been recovered from a mass grave in Pakistan`s restive Balochistan province.

Several layers found in Sri Lanka mass grave: Experts

Last Updated: Friday, January 17, 2014, 20:14

A mass grave found in northeastern Sri Lanka, the scene of pitched battles between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009, is said to contain several layers of bodies, forensic experts have said.

Mass graves found in South Sudan; UN boosts troops` presence

Last Updated: Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 09:49

As the ethnic clashes intensified in the violence-torn nation of South Sudan, the United Nations Security Council voted to boost the presence of the UN peacekeeping force in the country by 80 per cent.