Mystery Burundi rebels raise unrest fears ahead of polls

Captured rebels in Burundi stand sullenly against a wall under the guard of government troops: survivors of ferocious battles as fears mount of growing violence ahead of elections.

New York's Buffalo buried by wall of snow; at least 7 dead

A "historic" storm dumped more than five feet of snow, stranding scores of motorists, canceling flights and killing at least seven people in the northeastern United States.

Great lakes reach highest levels of freeze since 1994

NASA`s Aqua satellite has shown the mostly frozen state of the Great Lakes on Feb. 19. On that date, ice spanned 80.3 percent of the lakes, according to NOAA`s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Human impact on Great Lakes mapped

A comprehensive map shows that how human activities have degraded the North America`s Great Lakes that hold 20 percent of the world`s fresh water.