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Alexis Tsipras to push for new Greek TV reforms after court setback

On Wednesday, 14 of the State Council`s 24 judges said an October 2015 law limiting the number of private TV broadcasting licences to four -- half the current number operating -- was unconstitutional and should be overturned.

Greece bailout review could be done by Easter: EU

Greece and its creditors could complete the first review of the country`s latest bailout by Easter, but Athens needs to do more to complete controversial pension reform and other measures, the EU said Thursday.

9/11 conspiracy theorist resigns from Greek govt after outcry

A junior minister in the new Greek government stepped down less than 24 hours after being appointed as outrage erupted Wednesday over anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks attributed to him in the past.

Greek heavyweights say cannot work together in government

Greece`s two dominant politicians on Monday ruled out working with each other in a coalition, casting doubt on whether a stable government will emerge from an election that polls indicate neither of them can win outright.

Greek government slightly eases capital controls

The Greek government on Tuesday revealed it was easing slightly the capital controls imposed on the debt-hit country by allowing individuals to transfer 500 euros ($550) per month abroad.

Greek government suffers defections as austerity vote looms

The vote will almost certainly see large numbers of Syriza lawmakers dissent and vote against the package, raising questions of the government's survival in its current form.

Eurogroup ministers expect 'new proposals' from Greece

"The Eurogroup will discuss the situation following the referendum in Greece that was held on 5 July 2015. Ministers expect new proposals from the Greek authorities," said.

Greeks deciding 'destiny' in referendum: PM Alexis Tsipras

"No one can ignore the will of the people to live, to live with determination, to take its destiny into its own hands," Tsipras, appearing relaxed and wearing an open-necked white shirt, said after casting his ballot in Athens.

Polling opens in crucial Greece bailout referendum

The rest of Europe, and international investors, will be watching intently, unsure of the outcome that could greet them on Monday. Polls suggest both the `Yes` and `No` camps are neck-and-neck.

Greek government 'may resign' if it loses referendum

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said the government "may very well" quit if the public went against it in Sunday's plebiscite and voted for more austerity in return for international bailout funds.

Eurogroup head says `sad` Greece referendum move `closes door` to further talks

"The Greek government has apparently rejected our last proposals... that is a sad decision for Greece because it has closed the door for further talks where the door was still open in my mind," the Dutch finance minister said as he arrived for talks with his eurozone counterparts.

ECB might ease Greek restrictions if aid deal likely: Source

The European Central Bank might ease restrictions on how much short-term Greek government debt the country`s banks can hold if becomes clear the euro zone will disburse long-awaited aid to Athens, a banking source said on Wednesday.

Indebted Greece seeks small change from dormant accounts

The Greek government, struggling to keep up its debt repayments, announced on Tuesday that any dormant public sector accounts holding less than 100 euros ($109) should be emptied and the funds handed over to the central bank.

EU, Greece to start technical loan talks Wednesday

Warning Greece it had "no time to lose", euro zone ministers agreed technical talks between finance experts from Athens and its international creditors would start on Wednesday with the aim of unlocking further funding.

Greece in tough climbdown on radical debt promises

Greece`s radical left government was at pains Saturday to put a positive face on an EU compromise deal that is sharply at odds with its anti-austerity ambitions.

Greece promises to do 'whatever we can' as debt talks cheer markets

Greece promises to do 'whatever we can' as debt talks cheer markets

The Greek government promised to do "whatever we can" to secure a deal with its international creditors next week, cheering investors as experts from both sides began technical talks on Friday to lay the ground for an accord.

IMF says not in debt talks with Greece

The International Monetary Fund, a partner in the international bailout of Greece, said Wednesday it was not in debt talks with the new anti-austerity Greek government.

Angela Merkel rules out debt reduction for Greece

Angela Merkel rules out debt reduction for Greece

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday rejected the prospect of debt relief for Athens, adding to tensions between the radical new Greek government and its international creditors.

Greece wants 'pan-European' deal on growth: New govt

Greece's new anti-austerity government Wednesday called for a "pan-European New Deal" for bloc-wide growth and denied seeking a "showdown" with Europe over controversial plans to redraft its multi-billion bailout.

Kerry praises Greece for tough economic choices

US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Greek government Friday for making "tough choices" to resolve the country`s economic crisis and said he believed the situation was improving.