Experts look at positives of Rio Earth Summit

The experts also said that India should prepare a set of sustainable development goals for the world and if it does not then the developed countries would do so.

US Consulate for schools` role in eco protection

School children in India, like their counterparts in the US, should show greater interest in the environment and look at ways to "reduce, reuse and recycle" in their everyday lives, a senior US diplomat said here today.

World leaders open Rio+20 Summit

The Rio+20 summit was formally thrown open by UN chief Ban Ki-moon, bringing together representatives of 191 UN members.

Mumbai scientist leads Indian chapter of Rio+20 conference

Mumbai-based scientist Pushkar Vaidya will lead the Rio+20 India Programme, a part of the three-day conference that begins in Brazil Wednesday.

Tamil Nadu to act against plastic waste soon

In a bid to create a clean environment in the state, the Tamil Nadu government would soon take steps to clean up plastic waste strewn in public places and tourist hubs.

Green Economy is the mantra on World Environment Day

Today (June 5) is World Environment Day (WED), an annual event celebrated since 1972 and dedicated to stimulate global awareness about the environment.

Malaysia unveils plan to build `green economy`

The initiative is part of economic reforms instituted by Prime Minister Najib Razak, aimed at pushing the Southeast Asian nation towards developed-nation status by 2020.

Green economy could save planet: Experts

The planet is overheated, under-resourced, but technical innovation & green economics could still save the day, experts told a global meet here.

Create green economy in 5 yrs: WWF

The world has just five years to initiate a low carbon industrial revolution before runaway climate change becomes almost inevitable.

SKorea transitioning to `green economy` model: UN report

South Korea is shifting to a `green economy` model as state-led initiatives and stimulus packages encourage investment in environmental sectors and efforts to fight climate change, according to a UN report.