Invasive plant species may accelerate global warming

Invasive plants can accelerate the greenhouse effect by releasing carbon stored in the soil into the atmosphere, says a study.

Global warming is not due to natural factors, says expert

An analysis of temperature data since 1500 rules out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is just a natural fluctuation in the earth`s climate.

US high court mulls greenhouse gas limits

The US government has defended its regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants before the Supreme Court, after coming under attack from industry and Republicans alike.

Link between Pangea integration and biggest mass extinction revealed

A new study has revealed the mysterious relationship between Pangea integration and the biggest mass extinction that happened 250 million years ago.

`Concentration of green house gases reach their highest level`

The concentration of green house gases - carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide among others - have reached their highest levels despite the global economic crisis.