India-born scientist named winner of 2014 World Food Prize

India-born plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has been named the winner of USD 250,000 World Food Prize for his contribution in increasing global wheat production by more than 200 million tonnes.

Afghanistan`s farmers in Bihar to study farming

Bihar is turning its attention to popularising and promoting organic farming in the state to usher in a new "Green Revolution" in agriculture.

Indira award hails farming as unifying force: Swaminathan

India must work towards insulating its farmers from climate variability and price volatility to ensure food security, said Dr M S Swaminathan.

Bhakra turns 50, staff gets two months` salary as bonus

The iconic Bhakra Dam, which made a major contribution to the Green Revolution to make the country self-sufficient in food grains, completed 50 years of its existence Tuesday.

MS Swaminathan gets Indira Gandhi National Integration Award

Eminent agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan, known as the father of Green Revolution, will be conferred the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration.

Climate change makes farmers go retro style

Climate change is inspiring farmers in Sundarbans to dig into their history to a time when their forefathers grew indigenous varieties of rice using green manure.

ICAR to have research chair in honour of Dr Norman Borlaug

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research said it will establish a special National Professorial Chair in honour of Nobel laureate Dr Norman Borlaug, globally known as the father of green revolution.

Zambia seeks India`s help for Green Revolution

Zambia urged India to provide technical and financial support to help bring in a Green Revolution and ensure food security in the country.

Organic Farming in Bihar for green revolution

After good roads, improving law and order, education and health services, Bihar is turning its attention to popularizing and promoting organic farming in the state to usher in a new "Green Revolution" in agriculture.

Second Green Revolution at Paliganj: Kalam

The hub of the second Green
Revolution of the country would be at Paliganj in Bihar with
the farmers "immensely contributing" towards achieving a
revolution in foodgrain productivity, former President A P J
Abdul Kalam said.

Food Entitlement Act in India soon: Swaminathan

India will soon be the first country in the world "to enact a food security entitlement act under which every family below the poverty line will get 35 kg of grain", says MS Swaminathan.

Gains of Green Revolution at risk: Report

Gains of Green Revolution are at risk due to declining trends in agri-research & rural investment.

Bihar vying for Borlaug Institute

Bihar is in the race for the setting
up of an internationally-acclaimed Borlaug Institute, famous
for Green Revolution, state Minister for Agriculture Renu
Kumari said on Wednesday.

Father of ‘Green Revolution’ dies at 95

Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug,
father of the "Green Revolution" has died on Saturday.

Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug dies at 95

Nobel Prize-winning agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug has died in Texas at age 95.