Gulf states demand Yemen Shiite rebels quit Sanaa

Yemen`s Gulf Arab neighbours urged Shiite Huthi rebels to withdraw from Sanaa and other towns they have overrun since September, in a final statement after a summit in Doha.

Bahrain opposition to boycott legislative election

Bahrain`s top Shiite opposition parties say they will boycott parliamentary and municipal elections slated for October.

UAE backs Saudis with Muslim Brotherhood blacklist

The United Arab Emirates has thrown its support behind neighbouring Saudi Arabia`s decision to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, increasing Gulf Arab pressure on the Islamist group.

Iran`s Zarif reassures Gulf Arabs over nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif assured Gulf Arab states on Sunday his country`s nuclear deal with the West is in their interest and also announced plans to visit Saudi Arabia.

America`s uneasy Gulf allies adding to arsenals

In the past two months, the Defense Department has notified Congress of possible deals totaling more than USD 11.3 billion to Gulf states.

GCC troops arrive in Bahrain to maintain order

Forces from the GCC would protect Bahrain`s strategic facilities.