Gunmen kidnap Chinese national in central Nigeria: Police

Gunmen kidnapped a Chinese national from his residence in central Nigeria`s Kogi state, police said on Wednesday, vowing to track down the attackers and free the hostage.

Pakistan teenage activist Malala's attackers arrested: Army

 The 10 Taliban militants who tried to kill Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousufzai for her outspoken views on girls' education in the country's troubled northwest in 2012 have been arrested, the army announced today.

Gunmen kill five Egyptian police

Five Egyptian police were killed during a shootout with assailants in the northwest of the country, security officials said.

Gunmen said to chase investigators from MH17 crash site

Gunmen chased investigators from the site where the Malaysian airliner crashed and "lunatics" were still making life difficult for those who wanted to find out what downed flight MH17, officials said on Thursday.

Curacao searches for attackers in airport shooting

Police in Curacao scoured the arid Dutch Caribbean island hunting for gunmen who sprayed bullets at the arrivals area of the international airport, killing two people and wounding six.

Lawmaker kidnapped in Nigeria

Nigeria`s police in the southeastern state of Rivers Wednesday confirmed the abduction of a member of the state house of assembly by unidentified gunmen.

Two gunmen killed in clash with Yemen police

Gunmen attacked a government complex Thursday in Yemen`s central province of Baida, an Al-Qaeda stronghold, sparking a firefight that killed two assailants and wounded three policemen, the defence ministry reported.

Gunmen kill Yemeni security officer

A senior Yemeni security officer was killed by unidentified assailants Wednesday in Yemen`s southern province of Taiz, a military official said.

Gunmen rob Houston restaurants, clients in broad daylight

A group of gunmen stormed into a restaurant and a pizza cafe in the US city of Houston in broad daylight, holding up customers and employees and robbing them. They fled without causing more harm, media reported.

Gunmen planned to blow up plane in Pakistan by hitting fuel tank

Holed up deep inside a Taliban-friendly neighbourhood, gunmen waited patiently for the passenger plane to approach the airport before raising their guns into the night sky and unleashing a hail of bullets to shoot it down.

Mass arrests in Pakistan after gunmen shoot at plane

Pakistani police Wednesday arrested hundreds of people after gunmen opened fire on a passenger plane during its landing approach, as fighter jets hit militant targets in the latest round of an anti-Taliban offensive.

Gunmen kill three Iran police near Iraq frontier: Report

Unidentified gunmen have killed three Iranian police on patrol in the northwest of the country near the border with Iraq, the Mehr news agency reported on Wednesday.

Gunmen kill 4 people in Afghanistan: Official

An Afghan official says an attack at a police checkpoint in the country`s west has killed four people, two policemen and two civilians.

Gunmen attack port in Libya`s eastern Benghazi

Gunmen in Libya attacked the port of the restive eastern city of Benghazi today, firing wildly with small arms into the area for hours, a Libyan security official said.

Gunmen abduct two in Malaysia

A 32-year-old caretaker and a Filipino worker were abducted Monday by two gunmen from a fish farm in Malaysia`s eastern state of Sabah.

Gunmen attack Kenyan coastal town: Army

Gunmen in Kenya attacked a busy coastal town late Sunday, opening fire from two minibuses and setting two hotels on fire, officials said.

Gunmen kill two Shiites in Pakistan`s Quetta

Gunmen in southwest Pakistan shot dead two Shiite Muslims who had emigrated from neighbouring Afghanistan almost a decade ago to escape violence there, police said today.

Five security personnel among seven killed in NW Pakistan

The first incident took place at Sakhatkot Malakand district in Khyber Pakthunkhwa province where levy men (tribal police) Arshad Khan and Imran Khan were killed by unidentified gunmen at check post, police said.

Yemeni intelligence official killed

A colonel of the Yemeni military intelligence agency was killed in a drive-by shooting by unidentified gunmen Saturday, the latest in a series of assassinations in the country, a government official said.

Libya chaos deepens with Benghazi air strike on jihadists

A rogue Libyan ex-general resumed air strikes on jihadists in the city of Benghazi Wednesday, while gunmen attacked an interior ministry team in Tripoli tasked with protecting the outgoing government.