Vaccine offers hope for China`s bird flu cases

Researchers in China`s Shanghai city have announced preliminary success in developing a vaccine as the country is witnessing a rise in cases of humans getting affected by bird flu, or H7N9 virus.

No proof of new birdflu spreading from human to human: China

Chinese health authorities today said that no proof has been found of the H7N9 virus spreading from human to human.

Three of Chinese family infected with H7N9 virus; one dead

A Chinese man has died of?H7N9 bird flu and two other members of his family were infected with the deadly virus, raising concerns about the prospect of human- to-human transmission of disease.

China reports new H7N9 death

Two H7N9 avian flu patients, including a medical worker, have died in China`s Shanghai city, health authorities said Monday.

Increasing toll of H7N9 bird flu demands constant vigilance

A big wave of H7N9 bird flu cases and deaths in China since the start of 2014 is a reminder that emerging flu strains need constant surveillance if the world is not to be caught off guard by a deadly pandemic.

Chinese provinces report five new bird flu cases

The Chinese provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang Friday reported five fresh human cases of H7N9 bird flu, including one death.

Hong Kong confirms first death from H7N9 bird flu

An 80-year-old man infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus has died in Hong Kong, the government said on Thursday, in the first such death in the city after the virus surfaced in early December.

Resistant flu virus keeps contagiousness

A mutant form of the H7N9 flu virus that is resistant to frontline drugs is just as contagious as its non-resistant counterpart, according to a lab test reported on Tuesday.

Bird flu resurfaces in China; four new cases reported

As winter sets in, China is once again witnessing a surge in cases of deadly H7N9 bird flu that claimed 45 lives in the country in the past few months.

China reports second H7N9 bird flu case in October

China confirmed a new human case of the deadly H7N9 strain of bird flu on Wednesday, the second infection reported in October after a summer lull.

New way to combat flu virus identified

Researchers, including Indian-origin scientists, have discovered a new way to combat flu by identifying chemical agents that block the virus`s ability to replicate itself in cell culture.

How bird flu evolved to become a deadly virus

An in-depth evolutionary analysis of whole-genome sequences of different types of avian flu viruses has revealed that new H7N9 viruses emerged from distinct H9N2 viruses in a two-step process, first occurring in wild birds and then continuing in domestic birds.

New avian influenza strain found in China

A new strain of bird flu that can infect and kill animals has been discovered in chickens in poultry markets in China, according to a new study.

Scientists propose to experiment on controversial lab-made H7N9 bird flu

Scientists have proposed to experiment again on the H7N9 bird flu to understand how it mutates and spread among humans.

Bird flu `pass between humans in China`

The first scientific analysis of probable human-to-human transmission of a deadly new strain of bird flu that emerged in China this year gives the strongest evidence yet that the H7N9 virus can pass between people.

Avian flu virus H7N9 has potential to become global threat

A new study has found that the emerging H7N9 avian influenza virus responsible for at least 37 deaths in China has qualities that could potentially spark a global outbreak of flu.

Bird flu toll rises to 33 in China

The toll due to the H7N9 avian influenza in China has risen to 33, with the death of an 83-year-old woman in Shanghai, officials said Saturday.

China reports four more bird flu deaths, toll rises to 31

Four more people have died in China from a new strain of bird flu, bringing to 31 the number of deaths from the H7N9 virus, with the number of infections rising by two to 129.

Rapid mutations in H7N9 virus pose `global threat`: Research

The deadly H7N9, which has swept through China, has moved a step ahead in becoming a global threat as key mutation signs suggest the spread of the disease between humans, a new research has revealed.

Bird flu toll in China rises to 24

An 89-year-old man has died in Shanghai from bird flu, raising the toll from the outbreak of the H7N9 strain of the disease to 24, media reports said.