Invertebrate numbers slashed by 45% on average over 3 decades

A new study has revealed that invertebrate numbers have decreased by 45 percent on average over a 35 year period in which the human population doubled.

Decline in migratory birds coming to India: Govt

There has been a decline in the number of migratory birds arriving in India due to habitat loss and wetland pollution, the government today informed Lok Sabha.

King Cobra faces loss of habitat

The King Cobra is increasingly threatened due to loss of habitat and over-exploitation for medicinal purposes.

Habitat loss and tropical cooling could be behind mass extinction

The second-largest mass extinction in Earth’s history coincided with a short but intense ice age during which massive glaciers grew and sea levels plunged.

Hundreds of tropical bird species at risk of extinction

Researchers have cautioned that up to 900 species of tropical land birds around the world could become extinct by 2100.

Fragmented reefs can be good for coral ecosystems

Even just restoring small patches of reef habitat can go a long way to repair coral ecosystems.

`Missing species` living on threatened landscapes

Most of the world`s ‘missing’ or undiscovered species live in regions already identified as conservation priorities.