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Techie held for hacking Air India frequent flyers accounts

A 23-year-old techie has been arrested for hacking Air India's Frequent Flyer member accounts and using them to book tickets sold to several travel agents, Delhi Police said on Sunday.

IRCTC website hack: Officials deny data leak

IRCTC website hack: Officials deny data leak

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DNA: Revealed - Top 25 worst passwords!

Watch this video to learn the top 25 worst passwords used online and how to select a password which his hard to hack.

Password hacks as simple as '1-2-3-4-5-6'

Password hacks as simple as '1-2-3-4-5-6'

A report released by the online security firm SplashData on Tuesday found the most commonly used by global Internet users were "123456" and "password" in 2015 -- unchanged since 2011.

New hacks strike at heart of mobile innovations

As fierce competition leads to rapid innovation in the smartphone market, hackers have pounced on cracks in defenses of developments on devices at the heart of modern lifestyles, experts say.

Hackers warn of attack on Japanese ruling party's website

The warning came after Anonymous issued a statement Monday opposing Japan's decision to revise its copyright law to punish downloading of illegally copied materials, saying it will result in scores of innocent citizens penalized while doing little to solve the underlying problem of copyright infringement.

'Anonymous' to hit road for Web freedom protest

The protest in India is being spearheaded by 'Save Your Voice' and would take place Saturday at various historic monuments in 16 cities, including at Jantar Mantar here.

Google alerts users of suspected state-sponsored cyber attacks

Search giant Google has warned users that their accounts may be "targetted" by state-sponsored cyber attacks and asked them to take immediate steps to protect their data.

World`s first hack-free software `developed`

`seL4` is a small operating system kernel which regulates access to a computer`s hardware.

`Unprotected wi-fi networks can be hacked in seconds`

Using unprotected wireless Internet network? Beware, your computer system can be hacked in just 5 sec.