Cisco router attacks duck cyber defences, hit 4 countries

Security researchers say they have uncovered previously unknown attacks on routers which direct traffic around the Internet, allowing hackers to harvest vast amounts of data while going undetected by existing cybersecurity defences.

Vir Das to turn hacker for next film
Vir Das to turn hacker for next film

 Actor-comedian Vir Das will be portraying the role of a computer hacker and coder in his upcoming film "Plan B".

Vir Das to turn hacker for 'Plan B'
Vir Das to turn hacker for 'Plan B'

 Comedian and actor Vir Das will be portraying the role of a computer hacker and coder in his upcoming film “Plan B”.

Hackers may have snared details of Chinese linked to US

Chinese hackers accused of attacking US federal databases may have snared the names of Chinese with links to American officials, putting them in danger, a media report has said.

'United Islamic Cyber Force' hacks Bengal varsity website

The official website of North Bengal Agriculture University in Cooch Behar of West Bengal was hacked on Sunday by a group calling itself the United Islamic Cyber Force, a varsity official said.

Telsa's Twitter account, website temporarily taken over by hackers

Telsa's Twitter account and website were temporarily hacked as the hacker s posted a phone number on the Twitter handle saying that those who called could get a free car.

Madonna 'thankful' after hacker arrested
Madonna 'thankful' after hacker arrested

 Pop diva Madonna is "profoundly grateful" that a man suspected of leaking her upcoming album has been arrested.

Madonna's alleged hacker arrested
Madonna's alleged hacker arrested

Israeli police have arrested the man, who allegedly hacked pop diva Madonna's computer and leaked songs from her upcoming album 'Rebel'.

Hacker develops way to copy fingerprints using digital camera

A member of Europe's oldest hacker collective, the Chaos Computer Club has claimed to have developed a method to copy fingerprints using a common digital camera.

South Korea's nuclear operator says investigating new post by hacker

 South Korea`s nuclear power plant operator said on Tuesday it was investigating a new threat posted on a Twitter account that a fresh batch of data had been stolen from the agency.

Young hacker trains cops in tackling cyber-crime cases in Punjab

He failed in class eight but this 21-year-old ethical hacker is now training cops in cracking cyber-crime cases and helping big export houses in securing their vital data from online theft.

Hrithik Roshan complains to police about fake email account
Hrithik Roshan complains to police about fake email account

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan today alleged that an unidentified person has created a fake email account in his name and is misleading his fans as well as people from film industry.

Hacking ethically can be a lucrative career

In this age of information, security often becomes the first casualty. Sanchayan Bhattacharjee looks at the profession of ethical hackers who are tasked with safeguarding this information

Hacker group targets company financial info

A hacker group has tapped into email accounts of executives in more than 100 companies that could give them lucrative access to market-moving information, a US security firm said on Monday.

Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo `hack`

The FBI and Apple were urgently investigating Monday after an apparent massive hack of a cloud data service unleashed a torrent of intimate pictures of dozens of celebrities across the Internet.

Millions of debit and credit cards prone to getting hacked by malware
Millions of debit and credit cards prone to getting hacked by malware

A malware that had infected Target's cashiering system late last year is back in the news once again, leading to the susceptibility of millions of credit and debit cards getting hacked on a larger scale.

Anonymous hacks Israeli government websites to protest against offensive in Gaza

An anonymous hacking group has been launching virtual attacks on Israel government websites for over a week now.

CBI arrests hacker who stole Microsoft keys worth lakhs

CBI Friday nabbed an alleged hacker who entered into systems of software giant Microsoft to steal product keys worth lakhs and is feared to have compromised some government websites as well in the process.

Google unveils `Project Zero` hacker squad to defend people against cyber-attacks

Tech titan Google on Wednesday unveiled `Project Zero` - a team of elite hackers designated for checking internet security holes and defending people from cyber-attacks.

Hacker turned FBI informant `Sabu` walks free

A convicted computer hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, popularly known as Sabu, has walked free after he helped the US authorities foil hundreds of cyber attacks.