Let your hair shine in summer
Let your hair shine in summer

Cleanse and condition your hair well, use the right tools and protect it from heat, humidity and pollution for a healthy shine on your mane.

Shield hair from monsoon humidity
Shield hair from monsoon humidity

 Relief from heat is what we get when the rain gods show mercy, but rainfall also brings a lot of humidity. Be careful, it can be harsh on your hair.

Remedies for hair problems during summer
Remedies for hair problems during summer

Take extra care of your tresses in summer. Using coconut milk for lifeless hair and undergoing a regular trim for people who are suffering from thin hair, during this season will help, says an expert.

Winter hair care: Natural oils and remedies to reduce hairfall problem

It is true that losing hair is really heart breaking and the sight of seeing yourself going bald during your heydays is really a nightmare.

Treat your hair according to their texture

A healthy, glowing and flowing mane is certainly known to be a woman’s treasure. 

Yoghurt is the new healthy food for your hair

Yoghurt is one protein-rich food that is not just good for digestive system but also quite beneficial to treat dull and damaged hair.

Beauty, hair tips for working girls

For working women, who are out in the field, there is hardly any time to follow a hair and beauty regime. Experts suggest some tips that can help them retain their radiance and look fabulous.

Shoo away summer hair problems

Colouring your locks or taking a cool dip in the pool may be a problem for your hair during summer.

Summer special: Easy tips to repair split ends

With the mercury soaring to 45 degree Celsius, this is the season where you need to be more conscious not just about your eating habits but also about your hair care regime.

Protect hair against summer heat, sweat

Summer is the time when most people opt for sunscreens, sunglasses and hats to protect their skin, but make sure to give some extra care to your tresses, says Marcus Francis, official stylist of a haircare brand.

Summer hair care: Adopt right combing techniques, cleanliness rituals

Dull hair, dandruff and excessive hair fall - summer brings a whole lot of hair problems.

Say yes to gorgeous tresses this summer

Summer temperatures make your scalp oily, so it’s important to keep it clean and sweat free.

Zinc important for hair growth: Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez, known for her flawless look and beautiful tresses, says that zinc helps in strengthening hair and is a must.

Tips to free hair from dandruff

The stubborn white flakes on hair cause embarrassment without fail.

Thick hair hassles of women

Several women desire voluminous hair, but those with thick locks often struggle with a lot of hassles on a daily basis.

I was little too pudgy in my teens: Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston says she never took good care of her hair during her teenage years and experimented with hair colours.

Five ways to prevent hair fall naturally

Instead of going in for the expensive chemical treatments that promise healthier hair, here are some best and natural ways to prevent your strands from falling.

Protect hair this Diwali

Diwali brings lot of smoke and pollution, thanks to crackers but an expert suggests that coconut, honey and less use of hair styling products can make hair strong during such occassions.

Simple hair care regime for frizz-free days

Humidity and heat make hair frizzy. To ensure sleek tresses, avoid hair styling products, apply oil only on required areas of hair, and take more tips.

Up your hair care with age

Hair styling, treatments, pollution and stress can take a toll on your locks and make you look older. So don’t take hair care lightly.