Easy to do hairdos after a night-out

The after effects of late night parties, girls' night-out or grilling office work not only includes puffy eyes and weary look, but it also makes your luscious locks go haywire.

Ready for summer wedding? Try innovative hairstyles

Beat the heat at summer weddings with interesting hairdos which will keep you cool and stylish at the same time.

Go for ponytails, avoid side partings: stylists Yatan, Jojo

If you`re one of those who believes in jazzing up your look with your tresses, opt for high ponytails and center parting for that trendier look, say celebrity stylists Yatan Ahluwalia and Jojo.

Women choose hairstyle for aged after turning 46?

A study reveals that 46 is the age when most women decide to choose a hairstyle appropriate for older look.

Ponytail - for all seasons, occasions

Having a bad hair day or running out of time? Tying up your locks in a ponytail is the best answer as it is one hairstyle that can be handled with ease.

Style your tresses with ease

The right hair cut, hair accessories and hair-styling products can enhance how your tresses look, and make it easy for you to maintain them.

Hamas cracks down on `inappropriate` hairstyles

Hamas security forces in Gaza have been rounding up young men and forcing them to get haircuts on grounds of inappropriate hairstyles, a rights group has charged.

Try six new hairstyles this festive season

Flaunting one`s crowning glory becomes easier this festive season with six brand new hairdos designed by celebrity hairstylist and hair expert Priscilla Corner.

Emma Watson and Justin Bieber’s hairstyles ‘most influential’ of 2011

Emma Watson’s pixie and Justin Bieber’s ‘swish’ have been named as the most influential haircuts of the year by the Wall Street Journal.

I never think much about my hairstyles: David Beckham

David Beckham says he never gives too much thought to his hairstyle and often cuts it himself.

Rihanna spends £14,000 a week on her hairstyle!

‘Umbrella’ singer Rihanna is said to be spending 14,000 pounds a week on one of Hollywood’s leading hair stylists.

Hair loss in Afro-American women attributed to hairstyles

Hair-grooming practices are contributing to the development of scarring hair loss in Afro-American women.