Syria activists mourn `death` of revolution

With regime troops and jihadists battling for control of Syria, sidelined activists who led a pro-democracy uprising in 2011 say their revolution has died along with their dreams of freedom.

Seven members of Syria family executed by jihadists

The jihadist Islamic State group executed seven members of a single family from the Ismaili minority in the central Syrian province of Hama overnight, state media and a monitor said on Monday.

Syria rebels kill 14 in Hama village: State media, NGO

At least 14 people, among them women, were killed by Syrian rebels in the village of Khatab in central Hama province overnight, state media and an NGO said today.

Chemical weapons watchdog team kidnapped in Syria: Ministry

Six international chemical weapons watchdog investigators have been kidnapped with their Syrian drivers on a fact-finding mission in the central province of Hama, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

Syrian rebels accused of using toxic gas

Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front used toxic gas in the central province of Hama, killing at least two people and causing suffocation to hundred others, official Syrian media said Saturday.

Syrians trade blame over `poison` attack on town

Syrian state television and medical sources in central Hama province on Saturday swapped accusations over an attack that reportedly caused "suffocation and poisoning" of residents.

Syrian government not to negotiate with `terrorists`

The minister`s remarks were made just hours after Arab League ( AL) chief Nabil al-Arabi said the second Syria peace conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland Nov. 23-24.

Syria activists say 20 killed in army airstrikes

Syrian activists say government airstrikes killed at least 20 people as the army presses ahead with its campaign to crush the rebellion against President Bashar Assad.

Two school kids killed in Syria bombing

A bomb went off near a school in Syria`s central province of Hama, killing two children and injuring at least 10 other people.

Syria massacre: Video shows at least 17 corpses

Helicopter gunships and tanks of the Syrian government are believed to have killed as many as 200 villagers in Hama province.

Huge explosion in Syria’s Hama, 70 killed: Report

Syrian activists said that a massive explosion destroyed several houses in the Mashaa at-Tayyar district in southern Hama.

Fresh firing kills 28 civilians in Syria`s Hama

Syrian troops killed 28 civilians in the central city of Hama, UN monitors said on Tuesday.

Night demos held in Damascus

Hundreds of people took part in
night-time protests in the Syrian capital, opposition activists said.

Syria`s Assad offers vote, tanks shell rebel areas

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad offered on Wednesday to hold multi-party elections within four months.

Syrian troops take full control of Hama

Rights groups say about 1,700 people have been killed across Syria since March.

Showing Hama in ruins, Syria says revolt quelled

Syria`s government has shown off TV and still images of burned buildings and rubble-strewn streets empty of people in Hama.

Twenty four killed in Syria`s latest protests

The Syrian military tightened its suffocating siege on the city of Hama.

Syrian siege of Hama raises humanitarian concerns

Families have resorted to burying their loved ones in home gardens or roadside pits.

Syrian city of Hama blacked out

Authorities cut phone lines, Internet and electricity as part of a brutal, five-day-old crackdown.

Dozens die, thousands flee Syrian tank assault

The UNSC has condemned Bashar al-Assad`s bloody crackdown on civilian protesters.