Decoded: How you sniff that jasmine smell

Do you know why some people can easily detect faint whiffs of coffee or wine buried amid a plethora of odours? An Indian American researcher says they have a better inbuilt system to sniff out a particular smell in complex olfactory environments.

Threatening call prompts evacuations, bomb search at Harvard

A call from a man claiming to have an assault rifle at Harvard University and to have planted bombs there prompted police on Saturday to evacuate several buildings at the campus and launch a search for explosives, but the area was later declared safe, authorities said.

Pope names British woman to head academy

Pope Francis has named a British sociologist to run a pontifical academy, marking the highest-ranking appointment of a woman in his papacy.

Australian former PM Kevin Rudd goes to Harvard

Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia, has been named a Senior Fellow with Harvard University`s John F. Kennedy School of Government, the former prime minister`s office said in a press release.

Kerry hails diplomat Pandith as `trailblazer, visionary`

Indian-American Farah Pandith, the first-ever US Special Representative to Muslim Communities, has left her post to join Harvard University.

Harvard student charged with bomb threat hoax: US officials

A Harvard University student was charged with making a false claim that bombs had been placed at up to four buildings on the school`s campus in a bid to get out of taking a final exam, US prosecutors said.

Harvard University returns to normalcy after bomb hoax

A day after bomb hoax created scare in the Harvard University, normalcy returned to campus on Tuesday where students are appearing for their exams.

Harvard University returns to normal after bomb hoax

Harvard University is returning to normal after a bomb hoax Monday forced authorities to evacuate four buildings on the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus where final exams were being given.

Bomb scare at Harvard prompts evacuations, cancels exam

A bomb scare at Harvard University on Monday triggered emergency evacuations, interrupting final examinations, following bomb scare at four sites on its campus but opened them after federal and state officials did not find any explosives.

Harvard University evacuated after reports of explosives

A bomb scare at Harvard University on Monday triggered emergency evacuations after police received unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on the campus of the prestigious institution.

US emitting 50% more methane than EPA calculations: Study

The emissions of methane in the United States may be 50% more than the indicated estimates by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), says a new study on Monday.

New technique can diagnose cancer more accurately

Scientists have developed a new technique that can diagnose cancer with a high degree of accuracy.

Why Jupiter`s `mysterious` Great Red Spot has not disappeared

Researchers have developed a new model that will help them understand why Jupiter`s Great Red Spot - which is big enough to engulf the Earth twice or thrice - has not disappeared till now.

Avoid bacon and gorge on fish for better sperm count!

A new study has revealed that men should pass on bacon and other processed meats, and consume more fish to have a better chance at starting a family, since the latter improves the sperm count.

Doctors drastically overprescribe antibiotics for sore throats, bronchitis

A new analysis has found that doctors prescribe antibiotics to a vast majority of people who see them for sore throats or acute bronchitis, despite the fact that only a small percentage of them should be given the drugs.

Malala Yousafzai honoured at Harvard for humanitarian work

The Taliban is afraid of women`s power and the power of education, said Pakistani teenager activist Malala Yousafzai as she has been honoured by the prestigious Harvard University.

Scientists accidentally create Star wars-like lightsaber

The team from Harvard University managed to get photons to stick together and form a molecule.

Weird, funny scientific discoveries honoured at 23rd Ig Nobel awards

The 23rd Ig Nobel awards reportedly saw actual Nobel laureates announcing the winners of some of the most weird and humorous scientific discoveries.

Indian universities fail to feature in world`s top 200

US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University on Tuesday topped an authoritative list of the world`s top 200 university rankings that did not figure any educational institutions from India.

US wildfire season to be three weeks longer, twice as smoky by 2050: Study

A recent study by Harvard University researchers point towards a worsened scenario for the US wildfire season which is expected to turn even smokier and prolonged as a result of climate change.