Diet rich in salt major reason behind headaches

A new study has revealed that diets high in salty foods are a major culprit in headaches.

Mumbai: UK man gets brain pacemaker to get rid of severe headaches

In a medical breakthrough, a UK man successfully underwent a brain nerve stimulation procedure in Mumbai to get rid of his rare headaches. 

Best postures to maintain in front of your computer screen

In this technology driven world it is imperative to use technology for the reason it has been created- to make things easier for us! But if using technology is taking a toll on your body then it's time to analyse your ways of using it.

Daniel Radcliffe `suffering from cluster headaches, BP issues`

Daniel Radcliffe has recently revealed that he takes blood pressure medication even though he is just 25 years old.

New app to help headache sufferers cope better

Scientists have developed an app that provides a new approach to the treatment of headaches by helping sufferers record the severity and regularity of their pain.

Obama: when it comes to head injuries in sports, don`t just ``suck it up``

President Barack Obama said on Thursday more effort is needed to prevent concussions in young athletes, including greater awareness of the severity of head injuries, which are too often dismissed as headaches instead of serious brain trauma.

When relaxation can trigger migraine headaches

Allowing stress to build up is so dangerous that even relaxation following heightened stress can act as a trigger for migraine attacks, a new research indicates.

Health and Happiness: Men beat Women

A new survey has found that men are more healthier as well as happier about their appearance than women who are more concerned about their looks, making them less happy.

Chewing gum could be culprit behind teens` migraine headaches

Researchers have said that the lip smacking, bubble popping, discarded gum, could be giving migraine headaches to teenagers.

Concussion effect remains even long after injury

Researchers have revealed that brain shows abnormalities four months after a mild concussion, when symptoms from the traumatic brain injury have mostly dissipated.

Overuse of painkillers leads to more headaches

Health experts have warned that taking too many painkillers and other treatments for migraine attacks can lead to more headaches.

Zap wonder nerve to get rid of headaches

A pilot study of a new technique to get rid of headache has been completed.

Consult a doctor next time you have a headache!

Headaches, as an ailment, are an ever growing phenomenon cutting across age groups, especially in urban India.

Lightning could trigger migraine, headaches

Headache and episodes of migraines could also be triggered by lightning, reports a study by American scientists.

Lightning may bring on headaches, migraines

Lightning may bring on a heightened risk of headache and migraines, says a new research by the University of Cincinnati (UC).

Dancing helps to overcome low spirits, stress

Dancing helps girls overcome low spirits, stress, fatigues and headaches, besides contributing to their mental health and self esteem, says a study.

Overuse of painkillers can cause severe headaches

Popping too many painkillers can actually make your brain more sensitive to pain, leaving you prone to further headaches, experts have warned.

Now, a `ballpoint pen` to beat arthritis pain

Researchers have developed a new `pen` which they claim can shock nerves into blocking pain signals and can be used to treat millions crippled by arthritis and those suffering from headaches and facial pain.

Drinking water may help curb headaches and migraines

Drinking water regularly can reduce the severity of headaches and migraines, a new study has claimed.

Migraines `not linked to mental decline`

Migraines currently affect about 20 percent of the female population, and while these headaches are common, there are many unanswered questions surrounding this complex disease.