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Access to nature boosts older adults' quality of life

A new research has revealed that nature promotes physical, mental, and spiritual healing especially in older adults who stay close to natural environment.

Gel that heals deep wounds in no time

Researchers have developed a protein-based gel that, when exposed to light, can instantly heal wounds.

Ancient Chinese remedy applicable to modern medicine: Study

An ancient Chinese remedy for healing wounds could be useful for removing raised scars called hypertrophic scars, an Australian research has said.

New therapy speeds up wound healing

People can soon cut down the time taken to heal their everyday cuts and burns by half with the help of a new therapy developed by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University here.

Rihanna, Taylor Swift's songs help children get rid of pain

Rihanna, Taylor Swift's songs help children get rid of pain

A new study has found that songs by Rihanna, Taylor Swiftand other singers gives a significant reduction in pain to kids after major surgeries.

Now, 'smart' bandage that emits phosphorescent glow to indicate healing

Now, 'smart' bandage that emits phosphorescent glow to indicate healing

Scientists have developed a paint-on, see-through, "smart" bandage that glows to indicate a wound's tissue oxygenation concentration.

3 reasons why sun is good for you

A little sunshine can boost your mood and help prevent serious illnesses.

5 simple ways to heal yourself to happiness

Readers tell Pooja Bhula how they manage a way out of their negative emotions

Cancer-causing worm heals wounds: Study

Spit produced by a cancer-causing worm which damages the human liver can be used to treat non-healing wounds, a scientist has claimed.

Now, 3D-printed plaster cast to heal wound faster

In what could revolutionise plaster cast technology, a Turkish design student has unveiled a slick 3D-printed cast with ventilation holes that reduces healing time by around 40 percent than currently used plaster casts.

Why binge drinkers` wounds take longer to heal

Researchers have claimed to have found the answer to the question as to why binge drinkers` wounds take more time than other` to heal.

Molecule critical to healing wounds identified

Researchers have discovered a molecule called FOX01 which is one of the critical players in the wound-healing process.

Coming soon `self-healing` materials

Researchers have discovered that under certain conditions, putting a cracked piece of metal under tension, exerting a force that would be expected to pull it apart, has the reverse effect, causing the crack to close and its edges to fuse together.

Fruits flies could harbour cure for human healing

Human skin and a fruit fly’s exoskeleton, called a “cuticle” may not look alike, but both coverings protect against injury, infection, and dehydration.

Smoking prolongs fracture healing

A new study led by an Indian researcher from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania corroborates early evidence showing that cigarette smoking leads to longer healing times and an increased rate of post-operative complication and infection for patients sustaining fractures or traumatic injuries to their bone.

Manuka honey most effective in healing wounds

Honey suppresses the growth of a quartet of bugs commonly infesting chronic wounds, but according to a finding manuka honey is the best of them for healing injuries.

Sugar heals wounds faster than antibiotics

Pouring granulated sugar on wounds can help in healing faster than antibiotics, a new study has found.

Autoimmune diseases may underlie wounds that don’t heal

Wounds that are slow to heal or do not at all may have an underlying autoimmune disease.

When yoga and classical music combine to heal

Recent studies on the subject showed that music along with yoga can heal disorders like hypertension, arthritis, problems related to upper or lower parts of the body, mental stress and tension.