Pungent flatulence gas can help cells stay alive: Study

British researchers at University of Exeter have designed a new compound that will slowly deliver hydrogen sulfide - well-known as a foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence - to treat stressed cells and make them stay alive.

Scientists claim hydrogen sulfide to be beneficial for health

Scientists have found that hydrogen sulfide, a chemical which stinks like rotten eggs, can offer health benefits to people suffering from diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and even dementia.

Health benefits of bone marrow fat tissue revealed

A new study has revealed that hormone adiponectin which is secreted by bone marrow fat tissue has many health benefits.

E-ciggies `not a healthy alternative to smoking`

Researchers have said that "buyer beware" caveat holds true when it comes to the unknown health effects of e-cigarettes.

No evidence found for vitamin D inducing health benefits: Study

Researchers have said that many trials on vitamin D inducing health benefits are either inconclusive or insufficient to draw any firm conclusions.

Health benefits of Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil has high levels of vitamins A, C and E and beta carotene, and is rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals and fibre.

Even light exercises have health benefits

Even light exercises like sitting on a balance ball, playing a musical instrument and gardening have a lot of heath benefits, a study suggests.

Eat dark chocolate to keep diabetes at bay

A new research has revealed that indulging in dark chocolate treats can actually help ward off diabetes.

Five reasons why you should eat spinach

Spinach the green leafy vegetable which is the source of Popeye`s strength, is a winter superfood packed with immense nutrients.

Enjoy the goodness of tropical fruits

The tropics is blessed with sunshine all year long along with abundant rainfall and some of the most popular fruits in the world. Read on to find out about their health benefits as well.

Five health benefits of doing the bridge pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or the bridge pose awakens the senses, has a calming effect on the brain and energizes the body making one feel completely rejuvenated and revitalized.

Three reasons why aerobic exercise is good for you

Aerobic exercise gives many benefits to your health. Old or young, aerobic activity is good for all. Including aerobic exercise in your daily routine will help you live a happier and fitter life.

Top 5 reasons to indulge in a chocolate treat

Dark chocolate is power packed with health benefits and when taken in moderation can actually help keep your heart healthy, improve brain power and even help maintain a slimmer figure.

Health benefits of caraway seeds (Shahjeera)

Caraway also known as Shahjeera or Siya jeera widely used for flavouring bread, biscuits, cakes and cheese. Other than a great spice caraway seeds can do wonders to your health.

Health benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom, a spice which is widely used in Indian cuisine not only adds flavour but has great medicinal properties.

Assembly Elections: Delhi BJP promises health benefits if voted to power

The BJP`s Delhi unit Saturday promised a comprehensive health insurance for all residents of the national capital, if the party was voted to power in the Dec 4 Assembly Election.

Health benefits of oregano

Oregano is a herb of the mint family with an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste. Other than being an important culinary herb, oregano is also used for medicinal purposes.

Eating tree nuts can boost health, cut heart disease risk

Researchers found that tree nut helps lower body weight and lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome; and a decrease in several cardiovascular risk factors.

Long, low intensity exercise has more health benefits

Standing and walking for longer stretches could actually be better than high intensity exercise in improving cholesterol and preventing diabetes, researchers suggest.

Why chocolate is good for your health

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, stimulants that can provide a burst of energy.