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Can you delay death? Know what a study shows

Can you delay death? Know what a study shows

In a study of various types of exercise and their risk levels, the researchers found that participation in specific sports showed significant benefits for public health, and urged doctors and policymakers to encourage people to take them up.

Avoid indoor pollution with these 5 tricks!

Avoid indoor pollution with these 5 tricks!

According to reports, the pollution levels ahead of Diwali have skyrocketed to a hazardous range and this has taken health concerns to the top of the list of priorities.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Five signs that may be indicative of the illness!

It can have a profound impact on someone’s life, and in some cases, it is even considered debilitating.

Beware: Reheating these five foods can turn them into poison!

Different foods have different nutritional value, but the ones that turn into a potential health risk when reheated must be avoided no matter how healthy they might be. 

Healthy lifestyle reduces end-of-life disability

 Leading a healthy lifestyle can shorten the time that is spent disabled near the end of one's life by nearly two years, says a study.

No time for health? These twelve tips will help you remain healthy despite your busy life!

 Demanding work schedules and competitive environments tend to push us to the extreme, wherein we aggressively push ourselves even further to achieve our goals.

Food or poison? Ten food items you need to stop eating!

Unfortunately, there are certain food stuffs that contain harmful compounds and ingredients, which actually act as poison for the body and can have a bad effect in the long term.

Sedentary behaviour contributes toward heart problems; study advises more moving!

It is not clear whether people should replace prolonged sedentary behavior with simple movement or moderate to vigorous physical activity.

PM Modi says Kenya 'valued friend' of India; both sides to boost health care, defence cooperation

PM Modi says Kenya 'valued friend' of India; both sides to boost health care, defence cooperation

India and Kenya on Monday agreed to boost cooperation in the defence and health care sectors as Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the east African country as a "valued friend".

This is why you need to unwin(e)d with a glass of red wine after dinner! – Watch video

While many people assume that drinking alcohol before bedtime is bad for health and can result in weight gain, a research suggests the opposite.

You will stop using scented candles after this! – Watch video

According to a study, scented candles contain dangerous ingredients/chemicals which are harmful to human health.

Education may not cut obese women's risk of depression

 Even highly educated obese women have double the risk of depression compared with women of normal weight and same educational attainment, finds a new study.

Watch: This might make you stop using tampons!

Even though, sanitary napkins have been deemed the safest, many girls nowadays are opting for tampons. 

Total solar eclipse: Decoding health aspects behind popular beliefs!

Let's just say that some things that make no sense to you, might, in reality, have a sensible explanation behind them.

Doctors swear by these five home remedies. Do you?

Too much of medicines can hamper your immune system, that is, weaken it and make you dependable upon them during even the minutest of conditions, for instance, seasonal allergies.

Meditation can help veterans manage chronic pain

 A major challenge for health care providers is how to help the veterans alleviate chronic pain that will last a lifetime. A new study suggests that practice of meditation may help veterans to relieve themselves from chronic pain.

Speed up your metabolism with these five simple hacks!

Time for a few simple hacks to speed up your metabolism!

Patients' email exchange with doctors improves health

Less than one percent said that emailing made their health worse.

New tool to speed up antibiotic discovery

Antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate.