Did you just buy junk instead of healthy food?

The study, published in the Journal of Retailing, grouped consumers into three segments. 

Know what to eat to slow down ageing

Know what to eat to slow down ageing

Here’s a list of five super food that can actually make a difference to our body system.

Five simple tips to eat healthy!

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With our lives getting busier each day with hectic schedules, we don't think twice before eating anything. We tend to eat anything and everything when hungry. We also don't eat proper meals which is required to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise, healthy food prevent knee pain in adults with diabetes

As per a new study by medical researchers, regular exercise and healthy food habits may reduce the short-term onset of knee pain for overweight adults with type 2 diabetes.

Foods that can lift your mood

Foods that can lift your mood

If you are stressed or in a gloomy mood, consume coffee or fresh green vegetables, which can lift your spirit.

Want to lose weight? Include these foods in your diet!

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One doesn't have to starve oneself to lose weight, you can always do it by eating the right kind of food. Here is a list of veggies and fruits which will help you lose your weight and get that perfectly shaped body:

Healthy food habits every office-goer must adopt

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"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food" ~Paul Prudhomme

Manthan: Know what to eat this summer season to stay healthy!

Know what to eat this summer season to stay healthy on today's episode of Manthan.

Unlock the secrets to healthier eating

People eat more of healthier foods like fruits and vegetables when these items are visible and easy to reach, enticingly displayed and appear like an obvious choice.

Dig into healthy food for perfect nails

Dig into healthy food for perfect nails

The strength of nails is largely determined by one's genes. However, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary for overall health and the general well being of the nails as well, says an expert.

Recipe: Parsleyed corn on the cob

Recipe: Parsleyed corn on the cob


6 corn, shucked and halved

4 tablespoons butter, melted

1/4 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves, roughly chopped

Kosher salt and black pepper


TV recipes not healthy: Survey

If you source your recipes from TV, you are likely to weigh about 11 pounds more than if you watch cooking shows for entertainment and do not often cook, finds a study.

Calorie counting, weight-stigma prevent teens from eating healthy food

A new study has revealed that calorie counting and weight-stigma prevent teens from eating healthy food.

Five foods you must eat everyday for a healthy living!

Many of us remain unaware about certain foods that we need to include in our daily diet. We need to eat a variety of foods each day to keep ourselves fit and fend off many diseases.

World failed miserably in tackling obesity epidemic during last decade: Lancet

A new study has recently revealed that there has been unacceptably slow global progress against obesity over the last decade.

Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle

Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle

Blame your taste bud for your obesity

 A new study claims that health awareness campaigns fail to help obesity cases as people still make their eating choices based on just taste, and tend to avoid healthy food due to same.

Women more nutritionally knowledgeable than men

Women are, in general, more nutritionally knowledgeable and engage in healthier food shopping strategies than men, says a new research.

Quicker food choices driven by taste

If you want your diet to be healthy, take time in deciding the food you are about to pick, suggests a study, noting that quicker food choices are driven by taste and not health.