Tips for keeping your heart healthy!

A healthy heart is the way to healthy living, they say.

How to improve your heart's health this season

With holiday season round the corner, it is easy to delve into foods which are high in cholesterol, increases the risk of high blood pressure and have poor circulation, which are 3 major factors that affect overall heart health.

Healthy fat in olive oil may repair failing hearts

Oleate, a common dietary fat found in olive oil, may help restore proper metabolism of fuel that gets disturbed in case of heart failure, a study suggests.

Eating soy early protects women`s heart for life

Do you eat soy products daily? Do not exclude them from your diet, especially if you are a woman, for a healthy heart. The key, however, is to begin eating soy early in life.

Key to healthy heart hidden in obese polar bears!

Polar bears are the most fat-obsessed beasts but have healthy hearts and this may hold the genetic key for humans to avoid heart disease, a promising research has found.

Ladies! Have fruits for super heart

Reinforcing the importance of developing healthy eating habits early in life, researchers have found that women who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop heart diseases.

Sprouting garlic has more heart-healthy antioxidants than fresher counterparts

Researchers have found that old garlic bulbs with bright green shoots have even more heart-healthy antioxidant activity than its fresher counterparts and are therefore goof for heart health.

Five numbers to remember to keep your heart healthy

Apart from pass codes, phone numbers, social security numbers, clothing sizes and addresses, heart experts at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center suggest that there are five more you need to know to help keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Key to healthy heart: Apples

A new research has found that apart from keeping the doctor away, apples can also be effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes in people over 50s.

Sip red wine for healthy heart, brain

Drinking red wine can help protect the heart, and it may boost brain power too.

US heart guidelines threaten hot new cholesterol drugs

New US guidelines on heart health that favor potent statins may threaten future use, or even approval, of a hot new class of experimental cholesterol drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors that have been billed as potential blockbuster treatments, analysts said on Wednesday.

6 ways Running improves your overall health

Well, all of you know that running is the best form of exercise possible and the greatest way to get into shape, but apart from that, running is beneficial for every part of your body. Running also immeasurably improves the quality of your emotional and mental life and even helps you live longer. Running is one of the simplest ways to keep you hale and healthy in a multiple ways!

Eat, workout for a strong heart

On World Heart Day, say yes to good eating habits and exercise. Have low fat milk, make your plate colourful by opting for different coloured vegetables and fruits and much more, says an expert.

Stay positive for a healthy heart

Having a positive attitude encourages heart disease patients to exercise more which in turn increases longevity, says a study.

Healthy heart ensures healthy kidney

Scientists have shown that a lifestyle that encourages a healthy heart could also shield patients with chronic kidney diseases from kidney failure and premature death, says a study.

Keeping heart healthy could add 14 years to your life

People who have optimal heart health in their middle age may live up to 14 years longer, free of cardiovascular disease, than their peers who have two or more cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors.

Watermelons may help keep your heart healthy

A new study in Florida has found that natural compounds in the fruit appear to dilate blood vessels so the heart does not have to work so hard pumping blood around the body, the Daily Express reported.

Eat nuts daily for healthy heart

Serotonin is a substance that helps transmit nerve signals and decreases hunger.

Head over heart for Indian parents

Indian parents want their kids to have sharper brains than a healthy heart.

Head over heart for Indian parents

Indian parents want their kids to have sharper brains than a healthy heart.