Exercise likely to help live through the first heart attack

The researchers focused on 2,061 patients who suffered their first heart attack after the stress test, during follow-up.

Did you know? Women's heart attack symptoms different from men!

Women have different symptoms of heart attack than men do, says a new study.

Skin cells can heal injured hearts

Usually after a heart attack, the heart is unable to replace its dead cells and patients are often left with little option of another heart transplant or cell therapy that transplants heart cells into the patient's heart.

A novel sensor detects heart damage within 10 minutes

A novel sensor can detect within 10 minutes a protein linked to heart attacks could also confirm heart muscle damage than standard tests.

Overweight young adults can reduce diabetes risk if they lose weight early enough: Study

New research has found that the risk of diabetes associated with obesity can be reversed if obese young people make efforts to lose weight before middle-age.

Delayed treatment can worsen heart attack impact

Door-to-balloon time is the time from when a heart attack patient arrives in the emergency room until percutaneous coronary intervention is performed to restore blood flow.

World's most obese man dies after weight-loss surgery

A man believed to be the world's most obese passed away on Friday in Mexico, barely two months after undergoing a weight-loss surgery.

Nurul Huda, ex-MP of CPI-M, dies in Kolkata

Former CPI-M MP Nurul Huda died in Kolkata on Thursday, family sources said. He was 86.

Shankar Mahadevan suffers a heart attack; undergoes angioplasty

Shankar Mahadevan suffers a heart attack; undergoes angioplasty

The 48 year old Shankar Mahadevan suffers a heart attack.

401 deaths in 10 months on Mumbai local train!

Know how Mumbai Local Trains have become a death trap for commuters

Daily meditation can slow ageing too

 For those who do meditation regularly, here is another good news. Researchers report that apart from reducing blood pressure and heart disease risk, Transcendental Meditation technique and lifestyle changes can slow cellular death too.

Transcendental meditation lowers BP, heart and mortality risks

Since the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the enzyme telomerase in 1984, identifying other biological molecules that lengthen or shorten the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes has been slow going.

7 foods that cut cholesterol, heart attack risk naturally!

Bad lifestyle and less physical activity is one of the major reasons as to why cholesterol levels tend to go high.

Noida: Woman kills self after husband dies of heart attack

A 36-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide in Noida, hours after her husband died of a heart attack at a private hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

CPR by medics: Continuous pumping not a good idea

 CPR is the effort to restore a pulse and respiration in people whose heartbeat and breathing have suddenly ceased.

Aggressive blood pressure control could help millions: Study

A more aggressive approach to lowering blood pressure could help millions of people over age 50, according to the results of a major US study published Monday.

Blood pressure meds can't undo all damage

As per a recent study, treating out-of-control blood pressure with antihypertensive medication can greatly reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke and heart failure, but the current approach to treatment can't undo all of the previous damage or restore cardiovascular disease risk to ideal levels.

Childhood infections can risk your heart

One explanation is that infection initiates chronic inflammation and atherosclerosis in the arteries.

Gender gap exists in usage of post-heart attack meds

A new study has revealed that young women are less likely to be prescribed or take post-heart attack medications.

Skin psoriasis linked to higher cardiovascular risk

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease which occurs when skin cells grow too quickly, resulting in thick white or red patches of skin.