How mindfulness can help protect your heart

A new study has revealed that mindfulness, that is paying more attention to the feelings and experiences in the present moments, can help people protect their heart.

How flu vaccines may help prevent heart attacks

A new study has revealed the molecular mechanism which determines how flu vaccines may be helpful in preventing heart attacks.

'Heart attacks not connected to family history'

Your lifestyle choices and environment decide whether you will have a heart attack or not, not your genes, said a study.

'A sunny day could trigger a panic attack'

Fear of bright daylight could trigger panic attacks, said a study.

Heart attack ups depression risk in women

Women are at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression after a heart attack than men, new research shows.

Vitamin D deficiency increases poor brain function post cardiac arrest

A new study has revealed that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of poor brain function after sudden cardiac arrest by seven-fold.

A new drug soon to treat heart attack

 Some scar-forming cells in the heart have the ability to turn into cells that form blood vessels, which are required to boosts the heart's ability to heal after an injury, an Indian-origin researcher has found, suggesting a new approach to treat heart attack.

Daily consumption of fruit juice can create problems for your heart

A new study has found that daily consumption of fruit juice can actually prove dangerous for the heart.

Cardiac 'patch' to replace damaged heart tissue

A cardiac patch which incorporates biomaterial harvested from patients and gold nanoparticles could be transplanted into the body to replace damaged tissue after a heart attack, scientists say.

New frontier for heart failure treatment

Opening new avenues for the treatment of heart failure, a research has found how the function of a key cardiac protein changes in the case of heart failure.

Referee dies of suspected heart attack at Asian Games
Referee dies of suspected heart attack at Asian Games

A referee at the Asian Games in Incheon has died due to a suspected heart attack, South Korean police said on Friday.

Former national volleyball player Udayakumar no more
Former national volleyball player Udayakumar no more

K Udayakumar, who represented India in national and international volleyball tournaments during the 1980s, died here today, family sources said.

Gut hormone-drug combination therapy may help tackle type 2 diabetes

Scientists have revealed that a combined treatment with a drug that mimics the action of a gut hormone and basal insulin is more effective at improving blood sugar control than other anti-diabetic treatments.

Adah Sharma's next Telugu film is 'Garam'
Adah Sharma's next Telugu film is 'Garam'

After featuring in Telugu film 'Heart Attack', actress Adah Sharma's next movie in the language will be an actioner titled 'Garam'.

Protein linked to heart attack identified

A protein that increases levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, also referred to as "bad" cholesterol, in the bloodstream is associated with heart attacks, says a study.

An hour of moderate exercise daily halves heart failure risks

A new study has revealed that an hour of moderate exercise everyday or half an hour of vigorous exercise reduces the heart failure risk by 46 percent.

Sex hormones linked to sudden cardiac arrest

In what could lead to prevention of sudden cardiac arrest, a study led by an Indian-origin cardiologist has found that levels of sex hormones in the blood are linked to the heart rhythm disorder.

Aspirin lowers risk of stroke and heart attacks

A new study has revealed that low dose aspirin lowers the occurrence of new venous blood clots.

Rick Parfitt vows to change his lifestyle post heart attack

Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has made a pact with himself to end his alcohol and smoke addiction because his recent heart attacks have scared him.

New algorithm can predict heart attacks

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a new machine-learning algorithm that can predict heart attacks up to four hours before doctors can.