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Eggs, meat won't give you bad cholesterol: US panel

Much to the delight of egg and meat lovers, a US advisory health panel has determined that dietary restrictions may not affect the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Doctors store 1,600 digital human hearts on computer

UK doctors have stored 1,600 beating human hearts in digital form on a computer to better understand the relationship between people's genes and heart disease.

Red lights put drivers at high air pollution risk

The more time you spend at a signalled traffic intersection during your daily commute, the greater is your risk of developing respiratory and heart diseases, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

iPS-derived cells assimilable with heart tissues: Researchers

A research team of Japan`s Osaka University has announced that it has proved myocardial cells developed from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells could assimilate with heart tissues of rats and function continuously, which marks a big step towards clinical research of treating human heart diseases with iPS cells.

Taking statins in 30s can help prevent heart disease later in life

Scientists have claimed that adults between the ages of 35 and 55 with even slightly high cholesterol are at risk of facing heart disease later in life.

Fish compound can cure heart diseases

Health experts have for long recognised that consuming fish wards off heart diseases and now a new study has suggested that peptide found in fish contributes in battle against cardiovascular diseases.

Low blood sugar too may damage your heart

Even hypoglycaemia, which occurs when a patient's blood glucose becomes dangerously low, can trigger potentially fatal cardiovascular events, a new research led by an Indian-origin doctor has found.

Heart patient? Avoid rush hour traffic

Avoiding rush hour traffic could curb your exposure to air pollution, thereby reducing risk of developing heart diseases or preventing worsening of existing heart diseases, a study has suggested.

How red wine helps keep heart diseases at bay

Natural substance found in red wine, resveratrol, inhibits the formation of inflammatory factors that generates cardiovascular diseases.

Emotional stress affects young women's heart more

Young women with heart diseases are more likely than men to have reduced blood flow to their heart if they are under emotional stress, says a new research.

Healthy heart at young age can prevent diseases in later years

A new study has examined that diseases in later life can be prevented if one maintains a healthy heart when one is young.

Over 50 percent diabetics may develop heart diseases: Study

Over 50 percent of diabetes patients in India are at the risk of developing heart diseases, while 63 percent are at risk of getting microvascular complications, a study revealed Wednesday.

Why red meat leads to heart disease revealed

Scientists have found that it's our gut bacteria that turns a nutrient found in red meat into metabolites, which enhances the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Bottle-feeding may risk your baby's health

Toxic substance in plastic, known as Bisphenol A, or BPA found in bottles used to feed babies can be potentially harmful to their health and can cause several diseases.

Google seeks way to search bodies for disease
Google seeks way to search bodies for disease

Google is exploring a way to search inside people's bodies for early signs of deadly illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.

Mental illness doubles cardiac, stroke risks

People facing mental health challenges are twice as likely to contract heart diseases, found a research.

Cardiac arrest rates 'elevates' with daily high pollution levels

A new study has suggested that cardiac arrest rates are higher a few days after increased levels of several air pollutants.

Synthetic molecule developed that mimics 'good' cholesterol to fight heart disease, stroke

Scientists have recently developed a synthetic molecule that mimics "good" cholesterol in order to help fight against heart disease and stroke.

Over 68 percent Delhi women at risk of cardiovascular diseases

Over 68 percent of women above the age of 35 years in Delhi are at the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), revealed a survey report Thursday.

South Asians in Canada face increased risk of diseases

South Asians, including people from India, living in Canada have a higher rate of heart disease and double the rate of diabetes compared with Caucasian people, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher.