Maintain healthy heart at home, book tells you how

Aimed at creating awareness about heart diseases which account for more than 30 percent of deaths in the country, the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) on Sunday launched a book on developing a healthy heart lifestyle at home.

Kerala smokers spend Rs.226 crore on heart ailments

Kerala smokers spend a staggering Rs.226 crore for treating cardiovascular diseases, said a study.

'Over 60 percent of urban Indian women vulnerable to heart disease'

Over 60 percent of women in urban India are at risk of heart diseases, said a study released on Monday.

World Heart Day: How to prevent heart diseases

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases have become the leading cause of deaths around the world.

Poor sleep habits put you at heart disease risk

Poor sleep habits may put you at higher risk for heart diseases when compared to those who get around seven hours of good quality sleep every night.

Fitness, health tracker Jawbone enters India

 Consumer technology and wearable products company Jawbone, announcing its entry in Indian market, on Wednesday launched three devices in partnership with Amazon at a price range of Rs.4,999 to Rs.14,999.

Good sleep can lower effects of stress in kids 

Eight to nine hours of good quality sleep every night, combined with other healthy lifestyle behaviours, can reduce the negative consequences of stress in kids.

Diabetes patients more at risk of small vessel disease: Doctors

 Diabetes patients are at more risk of suffering from small vessel disease as its initial phase goes undetected in them, doctors have said.

Dry fruits, nuts in your daily diet can keep diseases at bay!

It is a known fact that dry fruits and nuts are packed with essential nutrients. Though available in small packages, they are an abundant source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Right from skin benefits to medicinal benefits, dry fruits and nuts give you every reason to include them in your diet.

A chocolate a day keeps heart diseases at bay

If your are worried about the health of your heart, here's a sweet solution. Researchers have found that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate every day is linked to lower heart disease and stroke risk.

Early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes cuts risk of heart disease

The early detection and screening of Type 2 diabetes could result in substantial health benefits and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Arthritis patients at high risk of sudden heart attack

People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are at increased risk of heart disease and about a fourth of them are likely to have a sudden heart attack, a new research has found.

Can aspirin save you from cancer?

Elderly people are increasingly turning to aspirin to protect themselves from heart ailments and cancer, reveals a new survey.

More people dying of heart disease, stroke worldwide while mortality rates dip

As per a new study, global cardiovascular deaths continue to rise despite gains in prevention and treatment.

Insufficient sleep increases blood pressure at night

Chronic sleep deprivation can increase night time blood pressure, putting you at greater risk of heart diseases, warns new research.

Stressed teens face higher risk of heart diseases later in life

A study has revealed that teenagers who suffer with stress are more likely to face higher risk of heart diseases in adulthood.

Eggs, meat won't give you bad cholesterol: US panel

Much to the delight of egg and meat lovers, a US advisory health panel has determined that dietary restrictions may not affect the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Doctors store 1,600 digital human hearts on computer

UK doctors have stored 1,600 beating human hearts in digital form on a computer to better understand the relationship between people's genes and heart disease.

Red lights put drivers at high air pollution risk

The more time you spend at a signalled traffic intersection during your daily commute, the greater is your risk of developing respiratory and heart diseases, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

iPS-derived cells assimilable with heart tissues: Researchers

A research team of Japan`s Osaka University has announced that it has proved myocardial cells developed from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells could assimilate with heart tissues of rats and function continuously, which marks a big step towards clinical research of treating human heart diseases with iPS cells.