Cardiac arrest rates 'elevates' with daily high pollution levels

A new study has suggested that cardiac arrest rates are higher a few days after increased levels of several air pollutants.

Synthetic molecule developed that mimics 'good' cholesterol to fight heart disease, stroke

Scientists have recently developed a synthetic molecule that mimics "good" cholesterol in order to help fight against heart disease and stroke.

Over 68 percent Delhi women at risk of cardiovascular diseases

Over 68 percent of women above the age of 35 years in Delhi are at the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), revealed a survey report Thursday.

South Asians in Canada face increased risk of diseases

South Asians, including people from India, living in Canada have a higher rate of heart disease and double the rate of diabetes compared with Caucasian people, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher.

New sensor system developed to detect heart rate

Researchers in Japan have developed a new sensor system which could detect the heart rate by amplifying weak pulse signals from the skin surface on the back of the body.

An hour of moderate exercise daily halves heart failure risks

A new study has revealed that an hour of moderate exercise everyday or half an hour of vigorous exercise reduces the heart failure risk by 46 percent.

Glucose by-product damages 'good' cholesterol

In developments which could lead scientists to hunt for new drugs to fight heart diseases, researchers have discovered that a substance formed from glucose in the body turns "good" cholesterol into "bad", increasing risk of heart diseases.

Heart drug launch could be "most exciting ever", says Novartis

The expected launch of Novartis`s new heart failure drug next year promises to be the company`s most exciting ever and profit margins on the medicine will be good, its head of pharmaceuticals said on Sunday.

Your face can reveal your heart condition

The facial features of an individual can reflect whether or not a person is experiencing atrial fibrillation - a treatable but potentially dangerous heart condition.

5 reasons why eating olives are a must

Almost everyone loves olives be it on your favourite pizza, sandwich or salad. Not only do they taste good but are loaded with a number of health benefits.

Preventive steps can control non-communicable diseases: WHO

Many young people are succumbing to non-communicable diseases in south-east Asia and the best way to control it is to take preventive steps like reducing salt intake and raising taxes on tobacco, the WHO said Monday.

Eating almonds reduces heart disease risk: Study

Eating a handful of almonds every day can reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping blood vessels healthy, a new study has claimed.

5 reasons why Pineapples are good for you

Summers are here with all their heat, sweat and high humidity levels leaving you exhausted and de-energised. To beat the heat, pineapple is one of the best food packed with anti-oxidants.

58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol: Study

A total of 58 percent Delhiites have high cholesterol level, a trend which is a direct result of sedentary lifestyle and over-eating, said a study.

Rogue gene behind multiple heart disease risks identified

In a major breakthrough, researchers have identified a key gene, mutation of which could lead to a cluster of disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes - together know as metabolic syndrome.

Sugar may singularly be culprit behind heart diseases

Researchers have uncovered evidence that sugar has a direct effect on risk factors for heart disease, and is likely to impact on blood pressure, independent of weight gain.

5 signs you may have heart attack

Heart attack is one of the deadly diseases which may prove fatal if not treated on time. It is regarded as the leading cause of death for people over the age of 40.

App to monitor chronic lung and heart diseases

Suffering from chronic lung and heart diseases? If scientists have their way, you may soon turn your cell phone into a sophisticated medical device to monitor your condition with an app.

Calcium supplements not linked to heart disease in women

You can probably pop those calcium supplement pills for bones without worrying much about how they would affect your heart.

Fish oil and statin combo could lower heart disease risk

Researchers have shown that the combination of statins and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), an omega-3 fatty acid, may potentially reduce cardiovascular risk.