Olive oil could help reduce heart disease: Study

Almost everyone is fond of olives, be it on your favourite pizza, sandwich or salad. Not only do they taste good but are loaded with a number of health benefits.

Failed marriage bad for older couples' heart

Older couples in a bad marriage - particularly female spouses - face a higher risk of heart disease than those in a good marriage, finds the first nationally representative study of its kind.

Herbs, spices may help boost heart`s health

A new study has found that spices and herbs don't just add flavor to your food, but may also help boost your heart's health.

Plant-based Omega-3 good for heart's health too

Increasing the amount of Omega-3s in your diet, whether from fish or flax, will likely decrease your risk of getting heart disease, says a study.

Now, wearable 'skin-like' device to monitor heart, skin health

Scientists have developed a new device, which is much like skin itself and when worn, monitors heart and skin.

Wine good for your heart only if you exercise

If you think moderate wine drinking can protect against cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs), you are probably right: Just mix daily exercise to it.

`Tickle` your ears for a super heart

How often do you want to kill that itchy feeling in your ears? Well if we believe researchers, tickling your ears can actually improve the health of your heart!

Risks related to heart disease on world meet agenda

Risks associated with cardiovascular diseases, especially high salt intake, will be discussed at a global conference on heart disease, a release said here Wednesday.

Why dark chocolate is good for your heart

Researchers have suggests that consumption of dark chocolate lowers the augmentation index, a key vascular health predictor, and reduces adhesion of white blood cells to the vessel wall.

Fit but obese? Take care of your heart

Being physically fit in your teenage years reduces the risk of a heart attack later in life, says a new study.

Multivitamins not tied to memory or heart benefits

Taking a multivitamin every day doesn`t seem to ward off thinking and memory problems. Nor will it prevent further heart disease or death among people who have already had a heart attack.

Cranberries help improve heart health, prevent urinary tract infections

A new research has found that cranberries provide unique bioactive compounds that may help reduce the incidence of certain infections, improve heart health and temper inflammation.

‘Intensive` exercise may benefit heart failure patients

A new analysis of past studies suggests heart patients may actually benefit more from relatively intensive exercise.

Fit pregnant women give birth to healthier babies: Study

Scientists have claimed that women who stay fit during their pregnancy have babies with healthier hearts.

High-intensity interval training and Mediterranean diet combo beneficial for obese people

High-intensity interval training combined with Mediterranean diet counselling can help improve the heart health of people with abdominal obesity, a new study has suggested.

Diet, exercise key for improving heart health

The American Heart Association wants to improve the heart health of all Americans by 20 percent by 2020.

Pulse in finger reveals your heart`s health

A physiologist has developed a new technique to measure a person`s heart health with the help of their finger`s pulse.

Listening to 30 mins of favourite music daily can help improve heart health

Researchers have discovered that listening to favourite music substantially improves endothelial function in Coronary Artery Disease.

Heart`s own stem cells could help treat cardiac failure

Researchers have highlighted, for the first time, the natural regenerative capacity of a group of stem cells that reside in the heart.

One pint of beer `improves heart health`

Drinking just one pint of beer is enough to boost the condition of the blood vessels around the heart, a new study has revealed.