We can be trained to 'follow our hearts'
We can be trained to 'follow our hearts'

A team of researchers has studied whether volunteers can be trained to follow their heartbeat and also whether it is possible to identify from brain activity how good they were at estimating their performance.

French connection: Have cheese for super heart health

Do you know why the French have low cardiovascular diseases despite having a diet high in saturated fats?

Rare condition 'situs inversus viscerum' saves Ranchi's Vinod Sahu's life

A rare anatomical arrangement saved the life of a 40-year-old farmer from Gumla (near Ranchi) who was shot in the chest from point-blank range

Micropacemaker to treat foetus with heart block

In a first, researchers have designed a fully implantable micropacemaker for use in a foetus with complete heart block.

Landmark procedure set to transform heart transplantation

British surgeons have performed the first heart transplant in Europe using a non-beating heart, a landmark new procedure which would significantly increase the availability of hearts for people waiting for a transplant.

Indian-origin researcher helps develop mini-heart on microchip

An Indian-origin scientist with the University of California at Berkeley was involved in growing a viable, pulsating heart on a microchip to improve drug screening.

Baby girl with heart outside the chest born in Dindori

A woman on Wednesday gave birth to a baby girl suffering from a rare medical condition in which the heart is located outside the chest, at the district hospital here.

World's first bionic heart that works without a pulse

 Australian researchers have developed the world's first bionic heart that pumps blood without a pulse and it could be ready for human trials within three years.

Insufficient sleep increases blood pressure at night

Chronic sleep deprivation can increase night time blood pressure, putting you at greater risk of heart diseases, warns new research.

Human 'heart-on-a-chip' to help screen drugs

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have created a 'heart-on-a-chip' loaded with human cardiac muscle cells that mimic the real organ to serve as a novel tool to screen medicines.

Sitting for long hours ups heart attack risk

Caught into a sitting job? It's time to make some lifestyle changes for your heart's health as sitting for too long everyday can increase the risk of an heart attack, as per a recent study.

Tips for healthy mind, body, heart for women on the go

In the process to take care of their home and career, it gets difficult for women to take care of their mind, body and heart. However using lavender at night while sleeping to eating cinnamon can do the trick, says an expert.

This crucial protein helps heart stay precisely on rhythm

 A new study has identified a crucial protein that keeps the heart beating on time, which could eventually help in finding potential treatment for deadly heart problems.

Benefits of climbing stairs!

Climbing stairs is the best way to burns calories than taking a traditional walk and it increases chance of achieving weight loss. 

Safety, efficacy of statins exaggerated: Study

Statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are not as effective or as safe as we have been led to believe, warn US researchers.

Protein that keeps the heart beating identified

In a major discovery that may eventually help scientists treat heart problems that kill millions of people every year, scientists have identified how a particular protein plays a central role in the continuous heartbeat.

'Wonder drugs' statins 'not as effective or safe' as we have been led to believe

A new study has revealed that safety and life-saving efficacy of statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, have been exaggerated.

These Valentine's Day goodies are good for health too

Gorging on Valentine's Day favorites like dark chocolate, red wine and strawberries can be beneficial for you loved one's heart too.

Broken heart is actually a real medical condition

A new study has demonstrated that broken heart also refers to an actual medical condition that feels like a heart attack.

Here's how you can protect your 'heart' this Valentine's day

 Experts have provided some health tips for people to protect their heart this Valentine's day, especially for women.