Natural remedies can risk your heart

A team of researchers has explored whether or not natural remedies jeopardize cardiovascular health.

How air pollution risks your heart?

A team of researchers has explained what effect air pollution has on heart disease patients.

Potassium-rich diet can save diabetic's heart, kidneys

 Higher levels of urinary potassium excretion, which closely correlate with intake amounts, were linked with a slower decline of kidney function and a lower incidence of cardiovascular complications.  

Life's Simple 7 is `hearty` indeed

 Rates of non-cardiovascular diseases overall were lower with improving Life's Simple 7 health status.  

Want to have a healthy heart? Have sex twice a week!

Sex plays a major role in maintaining good heart health.

Sex safe for most heart patients: Study

Dispelling a common myth, researchers have found that engaging in sexual activity could be safe for most heart patients.

Soon, battery-free pacemakers powered by heart

The technology may eliminate the medical risks, costs and inconvenience of having a battery replacement every five to 12 years for millions of people worldwide.

3-D printed models of heart, arteries developed

Researchers have used a new inexpensive 3-D printing method to develop models of heart and arteries out of biological materials.

Researchers control heart rhythm by light

Researchers were able to control the direction of spiralling electrical waves in heart cells using computer-generated light patterns.

Men, women have different reasons for heart failure

 In men the heart muscle that encircles the main heart chamber grows bigger and thicker with age, while in women, it retains its size or gets somewhat smaller, reveals a new study of the ageing hearts of nearly 3,000 adults.

Researchers create artificial foam heart

The foam is unique because it can be formed and has connected pores that allow fluids to be pumped through it.

Heart transplant for teenager made possible with Green Corridor

Green Corridor was created on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road to enable a heart transplant for a teenager.

When it comes to workouts, more is better for your heart

Heart failure occurs when the heart is not able to supply adequate amounts of blood to the rest of the body.

Don't worry, be happy! Positive emotions good for your heart

 Negative emotions and depression are known to have harmful effects on health.

After successful heart transplant man dies of kidney failure

A patient, who underwent a heart transplant surgery at a government medical college here last month, has died due to kidney failure, hospital authorities said Monday.

High-quality carbs may lower heart disease risk

 Eliminating saturated fats can improve the health of the heart, but what you replace them with makes all the difference, says a study.

Ten minutes of high intensity exercise can improve heart health in teens

A new study has revealed that short and high intensity exercise can reduce an adolescent's risk of developing a heart condition.

Five best exercises for heart health!

Exercises and physical activity are the words that take centre stage when it comes to healthy living, lifestyle, weight management, etc.

World Heart Day: How to prevent heart diseases

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases have become the leading cause of deaths around the world.

World Heart Day 2015: Create healthy heart environment!

Irengbam Jenny

Every year on 29th of September, World Heart Day is celebrated throughout the world. It is an annual international campaign initiated to spread awareness among the people about heart related diseases and how to prevent from it.