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This crucial protein helps heart stay precisely on rhythm

 A new study has identified a crucial protein that keeps the heart beating on time, which could eventually help in finding potential treatment for deadly heart problems.

Benefits of climbing stairs!

Climbing stairs is the best way to burns calories than taking a traditional walk and it increases chance of achieving weight loss. 

Safety, efficacy of statins exaggerated: Study

Statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are not as effective or as safe as we have been led to believe, warn US researchers.

Protein that keeps the heart beating identified

In a major discovery that may eventually help scientists treat heart problems that kill millions of people every year, scientists have identified how a particular protein plays a central role in the continuous heartbeat.

'Wonder drugs' statins 'not as effective or safe' as we have been led to believe

A new study has revealed that safety and life-saving efficacy of statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, have been exaggerated.

These Valentine's Day goodies are good for health too

Gorging on Valentine's Day favorites like dark chocolate, red wine and strawberries can be beneficial for you loved one's heart too.

Broken heart is actually a real medical condition

A new study has demonstrated that broken heart also refers to an actual medical condition that feels like a heart attack.

Here's how you can protect your 'heart' this Valentine's day

 Experts have provided some health tips for people to protect their heart this Valentine's day, especially for women.

Hugh Grant is not without heart, 'everything makes him cry now'
Hugh Grant is not without heart, 'everything makes him cry now'

 Hugh Grant has revealed that he's romantic, but certainly not in a sort of marketed Hallmark Valentine's Day sense as he finds that repugnant.

This natural antidepressant protein can help sustain sound mind, strong heart

A protein, called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), already known to act as a natural antidepressant, can help sustain sound mind and strong heart.

Mobile app to detect epileptic attacks developed

Japanese researchers have developed a system for smartphones that alerts epileptics at least 30 seconds before a seizure helping patients take precautions in the nick of time and avoid injuries.

Health benefits of apricot

Apricot is the yellowish-orange fruit that belongs to the family of peaches, nectarines, plums and cherries. The fruit is easily available and can be consumed in both fresh as well as dried form. Fresh apricots contain a plenty supply of vitamin C.

Positive psychosocial factors tied to better heart health

Children with favourable psychosocial experiences may have better cardiovascular health in adulthood, scientists say.

8 percent of Indians, other South Asians carry heart failure causing mutated gene

A new study has revealed that up to 8 percent of Indians and other South Asians carry gene mutation that causes heart failure and potentially fatal heart attacks.

Heart condition made Beethoven's compositions great

The striking rhythms found in some of world-renowned musician Ludwig van Beethoven's most famous works may have been inspired by his own heartbeat, says a team of US researchers.

Green corridor created to transfer heart for transplant from Gurgaon to Delhi
Green corridor created to transfer heart for transplant from Gurgaon to Delhi

The life of a 16-yr-old boy was saved after Delhi and Gurgaon traffic police came together on Saturday to create a green corridor to facilitate transportation of a donor's heart by covering a distance of 32 kms in just 29 mins.

'Heart emoji' named international word of 2014
'Heart emoji' named international word of 2014

 Heartemoji or <3 has been recently picked up as the international word of 2014, it has been revealed.

Time does not mend ''broken heart'' syndrome

Researchers have recently claimed that time does not always help people, who suffer physically from a broken heart, recover easily.

Cardiac patients who manage lifestyle factors likely to have long-term survival

Researchers have recently revealed that patients suffering from the world's most common heart rhythm disorder who can manage their lifestyle factors are five times more likely to have long-term survival.

Low blood sugar too may damage your heart

Even hypoglycaemia, which occurs when a patient's blood glucose becomes dangerously low, can trigger potentially fatal cardiovascular events, a new research led by an Indian-origin doctor has found.