Hezbollah chief 'proud' of US sanctions on members of group

The leader of the Hezbollah militant group says he is "proud" of US sanctions targeting three members of the group.

Syrian army, Hezbollah advance in city near Lebanese border

The Syrian army backed by Lebanese ally Hezbollah has advanced deeper into the besieged Syrian city of Zabadani two weeks into a campaign to capture it from insurgents, rebels and the army said.

Lebanon's Hezbollah says Assad regains momentum after setbacks

Lebanese militia group Hezbollah said on Friday that the Syrian army`s resistance to recent large-scale rebel attacks had disproved predictions that President Bashar al-Assad`s days were numbered.

Lebanese Hezbollah, Syrian army enter rebel-held border city: TV

The Syrian army and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters entered the rebel-held city of Zabadani on the second day of a major offensive to capture the border area around the Beirut-Damascus highway, al Manar television reported on Sunday.

Syrian army, Hezbollah begin offensive on border city

The Syrian army and the Hezbollah group on Saturday unleashed a broad offensive against a rebel-held resort town northwest of capital Damascus and close to Lebanon`s borders, media reports and a source familiar with the assault told Xinhua news agency.

Syrian army and Hezbollah lay siege to rebel-held border city

The Syrian army and Lebanese group Hezbollah said they had launched a major ground and air assault on the rebel-held Syrian city of Zabadani on Saturday and were closing in on the insurgents holed up inside.

Syrian army and Hezbollah launch major assault on border city: TV station
Syrian army and Hezbollah launch major assault on border city: TV station

 The Syrian army and its allied militia have launched a major assault on the rebel-held Syrian city of Zabadani, the Lebanese Shi`ite Hezbollah group`s television station said on Saturday.

Gambia cancels expulsion of `Hezbollah-linked` Lebanese tycoon

The Gambian government has withdrawn its expulsion of a powerful business magnate accused by the United States of funding the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah.

Cyprus likely thwarted Hezbollah bomb plot, foreign minister says
Cyprus likely thwarted Hezbollah bomb plot, foreign minister says

Cyprus believes it thwarted a Hezbollah plot to attack Israelis or Jews, its foreign minister said on Monday, after bomb-making material was found in a house on Cyprus.

Hezbollah in Syria reclaim territories bordering Lebanon

 The Syrian army, supported by the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, took control of new territories in the Syrian region of al-Qalamoun, north of Damascus and on the border with Lebanon.

Hezbollah announces battle with IS on Syria-Lebanon border

 Pakistan on Wednesday said that India should not have any misconceptions about Islamabad since it is different as compared to Myanmar, an official statement said.

Syrian army, Hezbollah capture strategic point near Lebanon border

 The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah group captured a strategic barren terrain near the Lebanese borders on Saturday, state news agency SANA reported.

Hezbollah vows to displace `millions` in Israel if Lebanon attacked

The head of Lebanon`s powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah threatened on Friday that his group would displace "millions" in Israel if the Jewish state attacks Lebanon.

Hezbollah widens offensive in Syria border area, seizes hilltops

 Hezbollah has seized ground from insurgents near the Lebanon-Syria border, the group said on Wednesday, widening its joint offensive with the Syrian army to try to clear the area of militant groups including al Qaeda`s Syrian wing.

Pan-Muslim group condemns jihadist groups, IS

 A conference of Muslim states on Thursday condemned main jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq and studied a plan for developing an effective strategy against "terrorism and extremism".

US praises Saudis for imposing sanctions on Hezbollah officials

The United States on Wednesday commended Saudi Arabia for imposing sanctions on two senior officials of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group in Lebanon and designating them as terrorists.

Iran warns Israel of Hezbollah rockets if attacked

A senior Iranian military official warned on Thursday that any Israeli attack would unleash a firestorm of missiles on its cities fired by the Islamic republic`s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon.

On Syria-Lebanon border, Hezbollah in `hardest` battle

On a windy hilltop overlooking the mountainous Syrian border, a fighter from Lebanon`s Hezbollah says the battle against militants in the area is among the toughest the group has ever faced.

Hezbollah, Syrian army make big gains in border battle

Lebanon`s Hezbollah and Syria`s army made big advances against insurgents in mountains north of Damascus on Wednesday, Hezbollah and Syrian state media said, shoring up President Bashar al-Assad`s grip on the border zone.

Lebanon's Hezbollah says it killed 20 Syrian al Qaeda militants

The Lebanese Shi`ite group Hezbollah said on Sunday it had killed over 20 fighters from Syria`s al Qaeda wing and destroyed several hideouts and training camps the fighters had set up to launch attacks in Lebanon across the rugged border with Syria.