Lebanon flays Israeli military escalation at border

Lebanon on Wednesday condemned Israeli military escalation at the border, while stressing that it was committed to the resolution of the UN Security Council (UNSC), according to a Xinhua report.

Hezbollah will pay `full price` for deadly attack: Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Lebanon`s Hezbollah it will pay the "full price" after missiles killed two Israeli soldiers Wednesday in an attack that raised fears of another all-out war.

Israel tells UN it will defend itself against Hezbollah

Israel told the UN Security Council on Wednesday that it will exercise its right to self-defense after a Hezbollah missile attack killed two Israeli soldiers.

Lebanon`s Hezbollah claims attack on Israeli military

Lebanese Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah claimed responsibility on Wednesday for an attack against a military convoy in an Israeli-occupied border area.

Two Israeli soldiers killed, seven injured in Hezbollah attack
Two Israeli soldiers killed, seven injured in Hezbollah attack

At least two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven others injured today when a missile fired by the Lebanese Hezbollah group hit an army convoy, promoting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to threaten strong retaliation similar to the one carried out in Gaza last year.

Israel says two rockets from Syria strike Golan Heights

At least two rockets launched from Syria struck the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Tuesday and Israel responded with artillery fire, the Israeli military said.

Hezbollah says Israel wants to set "new rules" with Syria raid

An Israeli attack which killed several prominent members of Lebanon`s Hezbollah last week was an attempt by Israel to set "new rules" in the conflict between the two foes, Hezbollah`s deputy leader said at a gathering to commemorate those who died.

Israel ready for Hezbollah retaliation: Minister

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Friday that the country was prepared for any retaliation by Hezbollah, after it carried out a deadly air strike in Syria against the Lebanese Shiite militant group.

Hamas calls on Hezbollah to unite fight against Israel

A letter purported to be from Mohammed Deif, the leader of Hamas`s armed wing, on Thursday appealed to the Lebanese Hezbollah group to unite with Hamas in battling Israel.

UN saw drones over Syria before Israel strike in breach of truce

UN peacekeepers stationed in the Golan Heights along the Syrian-Israeli border observed drones coming from the Israeli side before and after an airstrike that killed top several Hezbollah figures, the United Nations said on Monday.

Thousands mourn Hezbollah fighter killed in Israeli attack

Hezbollah supporters turned out in force on Monday to bury the son of the group`s late commander, one of six fighters who died in an Israeli air strike in neighbouring Syria that also killed an Iranian general.

Iran general killed with Hezbollah fighters in Israel raid

An Israeli strike on Syria killed an Iranian general, Tehran confirmed Monday, as Lebanon`s Hezbollah movement buried one of six of its fighters killed in the same raid.

Iran confirms general killed in Israel strike on Syria

Iran confirmed on Monday that a general of its elite Revolutionary Guards died in an Israeli strike on Syria that also killed six members of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Israeli strikes kill Hezbollah fighters in Syria

An Israeli strike in southern Syria today killed the son of a slain top Hezbollah commander and four other fighters from the Lebanese Shiite militant group, which has been fighting alongside Syrian government forces, an official said.

Lebanese militiaman loses Israel torture suit

 Israel`s Supreme Court has thrown out a suit by a Lebanese former militia leader seeking damages from the Jewish state for his alleged torture while in Israeli custody.

Hezbollah chief threatens Israel over Syria strikes

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to retaliate against Israel for repeated strikes on Syria, in an television interview to be broadcast on Thursday.

Hezbollah says Charlie Hebdo move to spark more `terror`

Lebanon`s powerful Hezbollah movement on Wednesday blasted French weekly Charlie Hebdo`s new cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad as "very offensive", warning it will lead to more "terrorism and extremism".

Islamist terrorists offend Prophet, Quran more than cartoons: Hezbollah on Charlie Hebdo attack
Islamist terrorists offend Prophet, Quran more than cartoons: Hezbollah on Charlie Hebdo attack

In what may sound bizarre to many, the leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has condemned the attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, stating that the Islamist terror outfits have offended the Islam and Prophet Mohammed more than the cartoons mocking them, reports claimed on Saturday.

UN extends Lebanon tribunal`s mandate for three years

UN chief Ban Ki-moon is to grant the Special Tribunal for Lebanon another three years to try those responsible for the 2005 murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Lebanon`s Hezbollah detains `Israeli spy` in its ranks

Lebanon`s Hezbollah has detained a senior party official it accused of spying for Israel and "sabotaging security operations" abroad, a source close to the movement said on Thursday.