`Extinct human gene helped Tibetans survive high altitudes`

In a ground breaking discovery, researchers have found that Tibetans were able to adapt to high altitudes thanks to a gene picked up when their ancestors mated with a species of humans they helped push to extinction.

Why Tibetans easily adapt to high-altitudes

Researchers have suggested that genetic adaptations for life at high elevations found in residents of the Tibetan plateau likely originated around 30,000 years ago in peoples related to contemporary Sherpa.

Now, test to predict altitude sickness

Scientists have developed the first test to predict who will develop altitude sickness.

Why diabetics should avoid travelling to high altitudes

Insulin needs could go up or down in diabetics when they travel to high altitudes, a new study has suggested.

Hi-tech shelters for troops in high altitudes

DRDO has built hi-tech shelters that would provide protection to the soldiers against extreme climatic conditions of the Himalayan region.