Wild blueberries negate high-fat diet risks

The adverse effects of a high-fat diet - high blood pressure and nutrition derived inflammation - can be reduced by eating bilberries, a study says.

Added sugar more harmful for heart than salt

A new study has revealed that added sugars likely to have greater role than salt in high blood pressure and heart disease.

WHO advocates salt reduction to prevent heart disease

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Sunday advocated salt reduction to prevent and control non-communicable diseases as high salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure and is associated with heart disease and stroke.

Top five delicious foods for lowering blood pressure!

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the blood flow in the arteries is often high.  

`Beer belly` can increase hypertension risk

A new study had discovered that people with belly fat face more risk of developing hypertension than the ones who are obese overall.

Fat kids are more likely to have high BP

Fat children are at a greater risk of hyper-tension (high blood pressure) -- generally assumed to be an adult condition that causes health problems, such as heart diseases.

Divorce can lead to high blood pressure

Just had a divorce and facing persistent sleep problems? Check your blood pressure as you may be at the risk of potentially harmful increase in blood pressure, says a study.

Five natural ways to keep your blood pressure in check

People of all ages, including the young ones are experiencing hypertension, which needs to be watched and prevented.

Three reasons why fast food is bad for you

Most people now flock to fast food every day due to hectic schedules in the fast-paced world, which is really unhealthy and dangerous for your health.

Sunlight may help lower BP risk

Researchers have claimed that sunlight could help to reduce high blood pressure.

Air pollution increases hypertension risk in pregnant women

A new study has found that breathing in harmful toxics during pregnancy increases risk of hypertension in women and may result in deadly complications like preeclampsia.

Youth high on cocaine run stroke risk within 24 hours

Cocaine is not only addictive, it can also lead to disability or death from stroke within 24 hours of use, warn researchers.

Women may be at higher risk of stroke than men

Women may face a higher risk of stroke than men due to a range of factors, including high blood pressure disorders in pregnancy and other hormonal influences, US scientists have warned for the first time.

Obesity: A rising epidemic in India

A recent study puts an alarming 70 percent of India’s urban population in the obese or overweight bracket taking the country right in the middle of a "fat explosion".

Teens with high BP at higher risk of heart diseases later in life

Researchers have said that elevated blood pressure as young as age 18 is a warning sign of cardiovascular disease developing later in life.

High BP spreading quickly across the world

It is important for governments and aid agencies to quickly understand the risks related to high blood pressure (hypertension) as the lifestyle disease is fast spreading across the globe like HIV/AIDS once spread, says research.

New drug target for high blood pressure discovered

University of Southern Denmark researchers have found how a mutated protein can lead to holes in a protein sitting in a cell`s membrane.

Lentils may be key to beating high blood pressure

Eating a diet packed with lentils can dramatically lower blood pressure levels, a new study has found.

Practicing Anulom vilom pranayam reduces high BP risk

Anulom vilom pranayam also called the alternate nostril breathing technique is mainly exercised for relaxation and strengthening of mind.

Study links high sodium "fizzy" medicines to raised heart risks

Millions of patients worldwide taking effervescent, dispersible and soluble medicines have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes because of the high salt content of such drugs, scientists said on Wednesday.