High-fat diet may postpone brain ageing

Danish researchers have found that signs of brain ageing, which manifests itself in forms such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, could be postponed if placed on a high-fat diet.

Gut bacteria may contribute to obesity

A new animal study has revealed that a species of gut bacteria called Clostridium ramosum, coupled with a high-fat diet may be contributing to obesity.

Consuming high-fat diet increases breast cancer risk

A new study has revealed that consuming a high-fat diet is associated with increased risk of certain types of breast cancer.

This protein can resist weight gain despite high-fat diet

Not been able to fight off excess belly fat despite exercise and diet control? High levels of a particular protein can help.

High-fat diet during pregnancy could lead to lifelong obesity in children

The offspring of obese mothers consuming a high-fat diet during pregnancy are at a higher risk for lifelong obesity and related metabolic disorders, than children of thin mothers, a new study has found.

High-fat diet in puberty may up breast cancer risk

Eating a high-fat diet in puberty may increase the risk of aggressive breast cancer in younger adult women, a new study has warned.

Exercise can help kids stave off negative effects of maternal obesity

Researchers have found that offsprings whose mothers were fed a high-fat diet during pregnancy and nursing were able to stave off some of the detrimental health effects of obesity by exercising during their adolescence.

High-fat, high-calorie diet linked to increased pancreatic cancer risk

A new study has found that mice made obese by high-calorie, high-fat diets develop abnormally high numbers of lesions known to be precursors to pancreas cancer.

Why high-fat diet increases pre-eclampsia risk

Pre-eclampsia is a relatively common pregnancy disorder that is characterized by high blood pressure and high quantity of protein in blood.

Antidepressant use, stress, high-fat diet lead to weight gain

A new animal study has found that short-term use of antidepressants, combined with stress and a high-fat diet, is associated with long-term increases in body weight.

Cocoa can help obese people fight diabetes

A new study has revealed that a few cups of hot cocoa may not only fight off the chill of a winter`s day, but they could also help obese people better control inflammation-related diseases, such as diabetes.

What you eat before surgery may affect recovery process

The last few meals that a person consumes before a surgery could make a difference in the recovery, a study has found.

After-meal exercise may lower heart disease risk: Study

A high-fat meal may not be quite as harmful to your body if you exercise shortly afterward, a new study has claimed.

High-fat diet can cause atherosclerosis

A diet high in saturated fat raises levels of endothelial lipase.

High-fat diets lead women to store more abdominal fat

Study in female mice has shed light on why women are more likely than men to gain fat in the abdomen after eating excess saturated fat.

Exercise key in fight against Alzheimer`s

Researchers have revealed the benefits of exercise in combating Alzheimer`s disease.

High-fat diet triggers diabetes, metabolic syndrome

Scientists have found new clues about the health-damaging molecular changes set in motion by eating high-fat foods.

High-fat diet cuts blood sugar level in diabetics

Food with a lot of fat and few carbohydrates could have a better effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipids for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Why people`s bodies react differently to high-fat diet?

A diet rich in greasy foods leads to an imbalance in our gut flora - the bacteria that live in our digestive tract- researchers say.

How high-fat diets increase colon cancer risk

Eating too much fat and sugar puts a person at greater risk for colon cancer.