Rift in Hindu group ahead of Malaysian polls

Hindraf projects itself as a Hindu rights protection group and is extremely vocal in its criticism of the policies of the Barisan Nasional party.

Hindu group opposes controversial preacher Zakir Naik

A local Hindu group has come out strongly against the police decision to allow Zakir Naik to speak in the communally sensitive Mumbra township.

Nepal church threatened by extremist Hindu group

A Catholic church in Nepal says it has received threatening phone calls from a person claiming to belong to an underground Hindu group that bombed the church three years ago.

Hindu group pulls out of Queen`s Jubilee event

The Hindu group in a multi-faith service initiative launched by the UK govt as part of Queen Elizabeth`s Diamond Jubilee celebrations has pulled out.

NRIs alleges bias in listing India on `Watch List`

The decision of the USCIRF to
place India in the `Watch List` of countries along with
Russia, Afghanistan and Cuba raises questions of bias and
flawed methodology, a Washington-based eminent Hindu group
said here.