Alicia Keys pushes for HIV-AIDS awareness with new project

Alicia Keys is pushing HIV-AIDS awareness into the limelight with her new project called Empowered.

Row over revealing identity of HIV carriers

Officials in Odisha`s Kendrapara district find themselves in a sticky wicket for revealing the identity of HIV-AIDS carriers.

HIV infections in India drop by 57 percent: UN report

The rate of new HIV infections in India has dropped by an encouraging 57 per cent over the last decade thanks to increased domestic spending towards the AIDS response.

Why HIV cure remains elusive

A new study has shed light on why the researchers have failed to develop a cure and new treatments for HIV.

FIFA uses World Cup to tackle HIV/AIDS

On a brand-new soccer field in South Africa’s second-largest township, teenage boys and girls kick balls and run round hurdles in games soccer authorities hope will help them avoid the scourge of AIDS.